Jan 252013

Every year Godaddy has a Superbowl commercial that displays half naked women being displayed in very provocative ways – and then ends with a teaser… to see the “uncensored” or “full version we can’t show you” go to our website – Millions of people log on and there really is nothing extra or special to see. This year godaddy has done something different and actually focuses in on the domainer – you know the people [...]

Nov 152012

Own a .co? Then I have some good news for you. The .CO domain registry has just announced a FREE exclusive membership for those who own a .co domain. I personally own about 20 .co domains – Most 1 worded dictionary or LLL domains and think this is a great way to get more people involved with .co domains. Membership is limited, so please CLICK HERE to join! I recently added SDCC.CO to the list [...]

Aug 262012

.CO domains have been very hot lately. There have been over 100 expiring .co domains that sold on Godaddy’s auction marketplace. Here are some more .co domains that recently sold: Aug,2012 Bison.co 2826 usd Sedo Cruises.co 82500 usd Sedo Wcg.co 1888 usd Sedo Sok.co 1500 usd Sedo 588.co 3000 cny Private Turn.co 1250 usd Sedo Hiltonhead.co 715 usd Namejet Prize.co 940 usd Namejet Luotuo.co 1000 cny Private MotherNature.co 350 usd Sedo Dsg.co 3788 usd AfternicDLS [...]

Jul 312012

.CO has recently turned 2 and in those 2 years they have done a LOT of marketing, sure this domain had its ups and downs but there have been a few great sales and millions of domains registered that put this extension on the map. I decided to focus mainly on LLL and dictionary noun words – I have a few verbs, but I think I am going to let them drop or simply sell [...]

Jul 202012

.CO just turned two and it has already done more in 2 years that many other domain extensions. Here is the official email taken from the .co registry’s website: Today is our second birthday. That means it’s been exactly 24 months since .CO launched to the public in 2010. We’d like to thank you for being a part of seven-hundred-and-thirty glorious days of ideas imagined, startups launched, obstacles overcome, businesses booming, and victories won — [...]

Apr 182012

It’s always great to wake up, check my emails and finally get something good from Godaddy – aside from all the BS spam they send out about “It’s time to renew your domain” 5 different times! I was pleasantly surprised to see this: Dear chris,Congratulations! Your Premium Listings domain has sold!Domain: (nameHidden).CO Date Sold: Listing Price: $ XXX.00 Commission: 30 % To retrieve your customer number or password hint, or to reset your password, click [...]

Mar 212012

It’s been a while since I posted here. I have been busy promoting/working on my other .CO site – SDCC.CO which is all about comics, comic con, etc. While I have been gone, there have been MANY great things happening with .co domains. There have been some decent sales along with the news that .co was making an appearance in the 2012 SXSW as a HUGE sponsor – throwing parties and ultimately giving even more [...]