Dec 302010

scam2 195x300 Domain Scam Email   Partner With Paul

One of the “joys” of selling things online – is the fact that there are MANY people who try to scam you by sending bullshit, fake emails. The emails used to be extremely easy to spot – but now they have gotten much better. I usually get about 5-10 fake emails from ebay and paypal – saying my account was hacked, I won something and need to pay, or someone sending me a fake question for an item I am not even selling. These are all RED flags.

Lately, I have been getting more and more spam emails regarding my domains. The latest email I got will be shown in full below so that this asshole can get blacklisted and this will hopefully help other people spot fake/spam emails:

    Title:Considering your domain: XXXXXXXXX.XX

    I’ve just tried to register (my domain), but i see you’ve already registered it a couple of days ago

    Anyway, I know a method that will earn you +/- 200$ a day with 20min of work with that specific domain.

    You can read more about it on the page below.

    (you do need to enter your name and e-mail to receive the method though)



    AIM: makecash2010


    ps. If you want to sell your domain, I’m willing to pay 700$ for it (paypal or wire)
    pss. Why am I telling you this?? Christmas gift lol

I emailed this jerkoff back and said, sure I’ll take the money send me a paypal payment marked as a gift – and the little bastard never wrote back – such a shame icon sad Domain Scam Email   Partner With Paul haha

I also did some research on this partner with paul crap and have found out that it is a work at home scam dealing with Herbalife.

Basically, you sign up and pay 10 bucks to get a kit delivered to you that will help you make money online using the company Herbalife. This company is NOT MENTIONED anywhere in the email – From what I read, if you are a marketer for Herbal life, you are not allowed to use their name in your marketing campaign – and looks like this worked to Pauls advantage with this product.

I still have NO IDEA why I got this email – my domain name has domain internet registration in it – why the hell would I want to join an affiliate herbalife program? Makes no sense.

Let this be a lesson to you all – BE CAREFUL WHEN CLICKING LINKS through emails and realize that if someone is asking to buy a domain and then says “hey check this link out” It is more than likely a scam.

Dec 292010
blog money

It seems like everyone today has a blog. It is one of the easiest things to create and requires little to maintain especially with the help of wordpress. However, making money from a blog is a completely different story and is in another world of its own.

Every month, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who search google for “ways to make money.” If those people searching for these magical ways find websites or blogs, they are NOT making money – they are simply losing money AND time – plain and simple. Do not think that buying an ebook or paying someone else for money making tips is real. It is a lie and the only person you are helping make money is the owner of the site or author of the ebook. So don’t be a statistic looking for ways to make money – be proactive and learn to make money on your own – not by buying an eBook or paying for proven money tips.


If you are looking for ways to make money with a blog then you need to do extensive research. One of the main sources of income for a blog is through advertising – especially using google adsense. It is free for anyone to register and with the right marketing many people can make hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. Yes there are people who make this much in a day – but this is NOT realistic for 99% of the rest of us. There is ALWAYS an exception – someone who makes thousands from ads each day, and guess what? Chances are that HE IS SELLING AN EBOOK to help you reach that amount – PURE BS. If you want to make money – you need to learn from scratch.

Header Ad

The most important aspect of adesense is ad placement. This is known as placing ads in a “hot zone” – which is referred to an area that is seen first by visitors. This is an ongoing trial and error process. Personally the BEST ad placement is right under the header. This is a hot zone that everyone reading your blog sees. If there is only text, then most people will not think twice about clicking it. However, if there is an interesting picture or video there, you might get someone to click it – thus making you some money. I suggest using a leaderboard which is 728×90 pixels. This has been the best one on my site.

Another great way to improve your chances of making money is to place ads into the body of your post. If people read your post and a relevant ad shows up, there is a great chance that it will be clicked on. I recommend placing a button (125×125), small square (200×200) or a square (250×250) which is the biggest. A square is working the best for me and is shown below

Paid Advertising

Another way to make money is to have people PAY to adverstise on your blog. It is a very easy way to make money. You simply charge a set amount for either a link to place on your blogroll or a small image – usually it is a 125×125 button. You must realize this – people advertise because they want it to benefit them. If you have a new blog that does NOT have pagerank – then I DO NOT suggest looking for advertising. No one will pay you for ads on a blog or site that does not have pagerank or gets consistent traffic.

You need to spend the time building links, gaining traffic, and acquiring pagerank BEFORE you start asking people to advertise on your site.

Provide a Service

If ads are not working out, then one of the easiest ways to make money is by providing a service. People come to blogs in order to READ something interesting and LEARN something new. If you have a personal blog that does not get traffic – you should not be surprised. Personal blogs are tacky (unless you have readers who enjoy it) and usually dont get much traffic. If you want to make some money provide a SERVICE – NOT an ebook – an actual service. Help someone build a website, show someone how to sell on ebay, start some type of an online business, etc etc. The options are endless. Personally, I use my blog to help other people make money with toys and collectibles. I write about items I think will sell out and how I go about finding great items to resell. I also write about my website projects and what I am doing to monetize them. I am providing my readers a service which makes them come back to my blog. Don’t expect people to click on ads and come back to your blog if you only talk about things you ate for breakfast.

It will NOT happen overnight – but with the right amount of time and research you can start making a steady stream of money and gain pagerank. I know there are MANY other ways to make money but I believe that both of these methods are the most secure ways of making money. I also use both of these methods and they have been working out well. I DO NOT believe in SELLING personal ebooks. I don’t fall for gimmicks. I believe that everything you read on a blog should be free and hey, if you click on an ad you find interesting, I thank you icon smile Why Your Blog Is NOT Making Money

What ways do you make money? What type of advertising has helped you?

Dec 282010

WWM 300x92 Your Domain Is Worth Poop

Michael Berkens, google him if you don’t know him, owns about 75,000 domains – yes thats right 75K. He also owns WorldWide Media which focuses on buying and selling domains.

WWM has a VERY interesting section that discusess the latest sales and rejected domains. By “rejected” I mean purchase offers OVER $10,000 that someone wanted to buy from WWM but sadly never happened. If you thought that selling a domain for a couple of grand is big news then think again. These are the big dogs in the domain world. One rejected domain that immediately stands out is: D.TV < -- for a whopping $125,000! Shit that's a nice amount of cash for a domain - and it was rejected. I am very anxious to find out what it will cost to buy that domain - we all know money talks and bullshit walks --- This is exactly what WWM media is trying to prove. So if you ever come up with a shit load of money and want to buy a domain from Mr. Berkens you better bring your A game and the fattest wallet you can find

Here is a list of the rejected domains you will probably never be able to own:

    Below are purchase offers over $10,000 that have recently rejected by Worldwide Media: $125,000 $100,000 $100,000 $75,000 $75,000 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000

Also, be sure to check out TheDomains for all your domain news

Dec 272010
super mario all stars limited edition

I told ya so – that’s all I really have to say…

A few weeks back I started posting items that I had a feeling would sell out and bring in a decent price – well I was right.

Super Mario All Stars for the Wii is now literally SOLD OUT everywhere. The game was released 2 weeks ago and is now obsolete – except on the second hand market. Super Mario All Stars was sold on Amazon for $30. People had mixed feelings about this game. Everyone complained that it wasn’t worth $30 and that its a waste of money, etc. O well, too bad for the non-believers. I only bought a few of these but now they are sold out. It is already selling for $65 EASILY on ebay.

So, if you happent to come across this game ANYWHERE – I strongly suggest buying it and holding onto it. It will only increase in value over time. Nintendo is not going to reissue this game meaning that it truly is a collectors edition. I just wish that that the original for Super Nintendo would increase in value as well icon smile Super Mario All Stars Sold Out – which I also own.

Keep checking Amazon – maybe it will come back in stock! Also make sure to check out my AMAZON section which features the hottest items to buy and make money off of.

Dec 272010
2010 w american silver eagle

One of my goals is to help other people make some extra cash. Most of the deals I write about are instant – meaning you buy an item for $X and can flip it right away for $XX profit.

One item that I enjoy buying is silver – especially silver coins. The price of silver has skyrocketed drastically and it does not seem to be slowing down. One very quick and easy way for someone to make money is with silver coins. Well, now might not be the best time to buy a silver coin collection from someone, but it is the BEST time to buy one coin that I came across: The 2010 W Silver Eagle.

For those who are not familiar with silver coins – the US Mint releases an American Eagle coin every year – in gold and silver. The silver coin weighs 1 ounce and is made of .999 PURE Silver. The US Mint also releases 2 versions (well they did) – a regular coin and a proof. A proof is a coin that has a mirror like finish and tends to be more sought after than the regular version. The proof coins are also minted at West Point – which is why they have a W mint mark. Not many coins are minted at West Point – which is another reason they are highly collectible.

The US Mint has NOT produced a proof since 2008. That was the LAST year to buy one – until NOW. The US Mint is now selling the 2010 West Point Silver American Eagle on their site for $45.95 – which is the cheapest price you will find it anywhere. Any coin shop is going to charge you more. Ebay is already selling these coins for $50+. Sure that is not a lot of money but this proves that once this coin is sold out – prices WILL skyrocket. Silver is currently right around the $30 an ounce mark – so a $15 markup for a beautiful coin is not that bad… especially since they are ALREADY being sold over MSRP. So don’t be one of the suckers who buys this coin from a coin shop, ebay, or online. Be the person who secures these coins – hold onto them till they sell out – then take them to ebay/craigslist/etc. O yeah, and feel free to throw 10% my way icon smile Easy Money 2010 W Silver Eagle Coin

Here is a DIRECT LINK to the coin from the Mints site.

Dec 232010
make easy money

There is NO such thing as a secret formula, there is no mathematical equation and there sure as hell is no tiny fairy sprinkling pixie dust on select individuals – There is NOTHING secret or hidden about making money. If you want to make money you will – If you are trying and it’s not working out, then you ARE doing something wrong.

Making money requires 2 things – Time and Marketing. It takes a hell of a long time to research products, learn new things, and finding out what to sell. Once that phase is complete, marketing takes over. You can have something worth tens of millions of dollars in your possession – but if you don’t have anyone to sell it to, then you are shit out of luck my friend.

I have been buying and selling for about 6 years now and over the years have found a few niches that work perfectly for me. I specialize in vintage hot wheels from the late 60′s and early 70′s. I have easily made anywhere from $5 – $10 thousand over the years in PROFIT. To some that may not seem like much – but to others it can be viewed as an inspiration. I am happy with it because like I said – it is easy money – and who doesnt like easy money?

The very first step to making money is finding out what to sell. Don’t go for items that everyone can purchase – stay away from computers and other electronics that get replaced every 6 months. You wont make money and it does cost a lot to initially start selling. Now there is nothing wrong AT ALL with buying the latest iPhone or any other hot electronic for MSRP and then selling it to some hardcore chump — er, I mean “enthusiast” who didnt get a chance to buy one at cost. No offense to these people but I think its a bit absurd to pay $900 for an item that can cost $400 – well I’m usually the seller icon wink Its Easy To Make Money

It is also important to stay one step ahead of the game – YOU need to find the trends. I tell people to stay away from trends only because there is a slight room to make a decent profit on something when EVERYONE knows about it. If you spot an item that is hot, and the item has been sold out for months in stores then by all means jump on it, buy it, and sell it for profit.

If you are new to my site, then I suggest you take a look around – I have a section that discusses the hottest products to buy and sell.

Finding something to sell that is profitable is the hardest part of your job – but once that is done,the money will start rolling in.

I like to buy and sell collectibles – I mainly deal with redlines as I already mentioned but I also sell these various items (in case you are stuck) Silver coins, limited edition video games, gaming systems (during the holidays), Kaiju figures, vinyl toys, and I just recently started selling domains and building websites. If you want to learn how to start a collection, then please read THIS POST! That post goes through the step by steps to starting a collection.

After you find out what to sell it is time to RESEARCH – learn everything you can, and MAKE MISTAKES. You will not learn anything unless you make mistakes. I just started buying and selling domain names. The first domain names I bought were terrible! Absolute crap – but after reading forums and tutorials, I know have a better understanding on how to spot a potentially valuable domain. I recently paid low $xx for a domain name and it sold for $xxx.

After you did your homework it is now time to Market. Personally, I like to sell my items on forums – you will find people specifically looking for the items you sell and will generally get a good price on them. I also like to sell on ebay – I think the fees are a JOKE and the rules for sellers SUCK but there is NOTHING better than ebay. Until someone builds a better site, nothing can compare. Ebay allows you to sell worldwide, reaching millions of people that would never think about joining a forum. It is a great way to get more money from your product and build feedback.
I also like to list items on craigslist and kijijij. Both are FREE and both have led me to sell items and avoid fees.

Finally I want to say this: NEVER give up – Just when you think you down on your luck and ready to give up, I strongly encourage you to reconsider and keep going forward. If you want to make money you will. Repeat that and make it your motto. Everyone faces rough times – The best profit is made when people are at their lowest. Use this as motivation.

I also encourage you to keep coming back to my site. I will be posting many potential deals as the year goes on. I am going to post items for you to buy that I think will sell out and be profitable. So if you want to make some extra money on items I ask you to come back!

Dec 232010
.CO domain money

DNJournal just released their weekly domain sales reports and another .CO domain made the list! hit the #14 spot on the list with a huge $15,000 sale on Sedo. Talk about an AMAZING domain name! This one would fit me perfectly! Too bad I’m about $14,500 short of the selling price!

This domain has some serious potential and I HOPE that the new owner develops it. Since I am an avid seller of collectibles, I would love to have an alternate place to sell my items.

I have said it before and I will say it again – there is money to be made with .CO domains. Some gems are still potentially out there so have some faith and keep looking! I have been buying MANY 3 letter .CO domains for about $20. 3 letter domains are rare in any extension – let alone one that is being treated as a top level domain.

If you are new to domain names then I suggest you check out NameNewbie and start learning. I also suggest joining NamePros which is another great research method.