Feb 282011
tv domain

I believe that every domain portfolio should be well diverse but should contain only a handful of extensions. It is very important to pick some extensions and stick with them. Everyone should focus on .com along with a few others. Personally, I have only about 120 domains and they are broken down into .CO, .COM, and .TV.

Just about everyone in the world knows “tv” – they might not know the domain extension, but they sure do know that tv stands for television. I have been buying and selling TV domains for only about a year, but have picked up a handful of decent TV domains that have been getting consistent traffic while parked on sedo. NamePros has a section dedicated to TV domains which has become a very useful tool for not only researching this extension but also buying TV domains. I have about 30 domains and 80% have been purchased from namepros. The others have been purchased from end users or hand registered. There are many gems that can be found on namepros – im not talking about goldmines, but it is extremely easy for someone to find a domain auction, win a CHEAP domain and immediately flip it – if it doesnt suit you. I have flipped a very low $xx purchase into a mid $xxx purchase in about 2 weeks.

I feel that 2011 will be a good year for .TV domains and will lead to some $xx,xxx sales – especially if you have a domain that flows extremely well with a TV extension – for example, ANY movie genre – horror, drama, comedy – and domains with the word “show” – for example, I recently sold BridalShow[.]tv after owning it for about a month.

I have a few TV Domains that are developed, or in the process of being developed. Some of my developed TV Domains are:

  • Built – which features workout and fitness videos
  • Vegas Show – still needs to be updated
  • Catfights – Just added this domain – am working on developing it.

One thing in common is that ALL these domains have videos – which is something every developed TV domain needs! I am using free wordpress themes on all of theses and have automatic videos added. I am also noticing that most of these TV sites get type in traffic and are indexed in google.

The domains that are not developed are either parked at SmartName or Sedo. Over the past few months, traffic to my parked TV domains has increased noticeably.

The TV domains that are getting the most traffic are the ones I hang registered for $10 at name. To date, all of these domains have already paid for themselves and some have been making a few bucks each month – but they are getting traffic which is always a plus! and a good way to possibly start a sale. Here are my best performing TV domains:

So if you are looking to start investing in a new domain extension, I suggest you start adding some TV domains to your portfolio.

Feb 152011

CO Domain

In addition to all the publicity that Godaddy and Sedo has already given to co domains, I am still trying to spread the world and educate people about this hot new domain extension. ZOOP has a Co Domain section, that gives CO domain owners the opportunity to showcase their developed domains. I am offering this as a way to promote CO domains. If you have any developed CO domains that you want featured, then please contact me or go to the CO Domains page!

I am also opening this post to ANYONE who has CO Domains! If you have a CO domain – for sale or not, developed or not – and want to list it, then GO AHEAD! I will approve any CO domains that are in your list. I ask you to please keep the domains to a maximum of 15. I dont want one person sending me hundreds of domains. Also – once you post your CO domains please do not post more.

Feb 152011

Mike Berkens, Rick Schwartz, Elliot Silver – theses are 3 names that every single domainer knows. All three of these guys are kings in the domain industry and know what they are doing. Im sure that each of us would LOVE to know every single domain and investment strategy that these guys make – but we dont – and frankly no one should know that. That is what makes these guys elite. Everyone knows google is the best search engine but no one knows the algorithms that google uses.

One thing that these guys ALL have in common is that each of them have their respected .CO domain registered. While reading TheDomains, I came across a comment that stated each of these guys have the CO domains forwarded to their COM. I went to each and verified each CO domain.

CO Domain

Elliots Blog
Ricks Blog

What does this mean? Well it is more than likely related to the fact that each of these individuals DO NOT want some chump hand registering the CO version of the COM domain. Which makes sense, but then the next question I have is where do you stop? Do each of these guys also have the .net or .org domains registered? NO they dont. Thedomains.net takes you to an idex page, elliotsblog.net takes you to a google page, and RicksBlog.Org takes you to a personal blog of a wimpy looking kid. SO WHY register CO?

The only thing that comes to mind is potential. Each of these domain gurus MUST see some potential (aka $$) in CO domains otherwise they would not take the time or even give a crap about registering their CO domain. I would love to know what CO domain trends, or even domains that they have in their portfolio, but I doubt that will ever happen. I know that Elliot has been discussing CO domains and that Mike is very good with keeping up on the latest CO domain news. So if this is ever seen by any of these 3 imvestors or any other well known domaineer, i want to ask you – what’s your take on CO domains? What CO domains do you own? and WHY

Feb 142011


Three letter domains have always been popular – especially with .com domains. On average LLL.COM domains sell anywhere from high hundreds to thousands of dollars. With all the CO Domain buzz lately, it only makes sense that most LLL.CO domains are registered.

Personally I think that LLL CO domains can become wanted and have the potential to generate a decent amount of income. They are shorter that COM domains and CO is being heavily marketed as opposed to other LLL domains in other extensions.

If you check forums, godaddy, or sedo – you will notice MANY CO domains for sale and there are quite a few LLL.CO domains thrown in the mix. What you will also notice is the price. MANY people are asking A LOT of money for their LLL CO domain however most dont sell due to the asking price. To date, there have not been any high priced LLL.CO domain sales, but that does not mean anything. CO domains have been around for less than a year and have already generated a tremendous buzz.

I have been buying about 1-2 LLL.CO domains a week for these reasons.

    Just about every LLL.CO is already registered – some will start selling soon and they have a great chance of selling for a good price. If someone cant afford spending $2,000 on a LLL.COM then I am sure they can pick up a LLL.CO for half of that.
    Even if you register a LLL.CO domain and keep it for X amount of years, you will still have a great chance of selling your domain for more than the cost of registration.
    LLL.CO domains are the shortest possible extension – and everyone likes shortcuts.

As mentioned earlier, I buy 1-2 LLL.CO domains a week and I never spend more than $30 – which is the registration fee at most places. If you want to add some short LLL.CO domains into your portfolio, then I suggest you start doing your homework – or read the next paragraph.

Forget godaddy, sedo or forums – these places are filled with flippers that want an immediate return on their investment. Just about everyone in these places asks a ridiculous amount of money or have a very high reserve. Use EBAY Yes – ebay has been a great place for finding LLL.CO domains. I recently purchased 3 domains for about $15 a piece. Some might say thats a waste – but I can care less since people make money by STARTING trends – not following them. The second place to find LLL.CO domains is on Cax Cax.com costs $10 to buy/sell domains but it is a great worthwhile investment. All you need to simply do is apply a filter. First Set the extension to CO. Then set the reserve to: NO RESERVE. Apply the filter and you will see every single CO domain listed for sale without a reserve. This means that you can send any domain to auction for $20. Personally, I think that spending $20 on a LLL CO domain is DEF worth it – and might even sell for $200 or $2,000 in the near future.

cax Buy Cheap LLL CO Domains

I just recently bought a LLL.CO domain and am bidding on another GREAT keyword co domain – all for $20. Feel free to post any LLL.CO domains that you own icon smile Buy Cheap LLL CO Domains or let us know what methods you use to buy CO domains

Feb 102011
sedo premium CO domain auction

Co Domain

Sedo has just launched their Premium CO Domain Auction and a few domains already have bids. Auction ends in 7 days and I cannot wait to see what some of these domains will sell for. Currently, Money, Bank and Art .CO all lead with a current price of $5K – and the auction JUST went live. Pizza is over $4K, LasVegas is at $3K, movie & touchscreen are in last place at $100 each.

co domain3 1024x583 Premium CO Domain Sedo Auction NOW LIVE

Is there any CO domain you are interested in? What do you think will sell for the most?

Feb 092011

Sedo is one of the best places to sell domains. It is used by millions of people worldwide and has sold millions of dollars in domains.

Every week, Sedo has a Marketplace Auction that features any offers made on domains that the owner decided to send to auction, instead of accepting an offer that was made.

I check out the marketplace often to see what CO domains have been added. Currently there are 5 CO domains on auction – each over $100. This is a pretty decent quick flip, since CO domain registration costs about $30. Name just announced a special $7.77 CO domain registration which has led me to register EVEN more CO domains! Now is a perfect time to buy 2 worded, or product specific domain. I would not have purchased these at $30 a pop, but at $7.77 I will definitely take a chance. My latest CO domain purchase is Tattoo Studios which is a domain I wanted to buy but never got around to it.

co domain2 Sedo CO Domain Auctions

I am curious to see what these 5 CO domains will sell for. ROLL.CO is leading the group at $500. MotherNature.CO is second at $250. Im almost certain that these were registered for $30 each so selling one for $500 is definitely a nice profit. Best of luck to these domains!

As you all know, Sedo is also hosting a CO Premium Generic Domain auction starting Feb 10. There are MANY great .CO domains and I am very anxious to see what these domains will sell for. There are currently 208 domains in this auction. I sent a few in but they did not make the cut. Sedo has announced that they will possibly run another CO domain auction based on how this one goes.

Feb 082011

CO Domain

Well the superbowl is over, and we all know who the godaddy co girl is – Joan Rivers – however has godaddy’s commercial impacted CO domains? It has for Godaddy – they recently announced that this year was the best year for new domain registrations, and registrations were up over 400% from last year. That’s good news for godaddy but what about the rest of us?

Paying $30 for a domain name is not something most of us want to do. So what did godaddy and many other registrars do? Whats the best way to get people to spend money? Discounts and coupons. Godaddy had an $11.99 CO Domainregistration coupon – and for those of us who know how to use this thing called “google” also found out that there was an ADDITIONAL coupon for CO domains – making the final cost right around $7.50.

That is an EXCELLENT price for a CO domain – however the downside is that there are over 600,000 registered domains already so the chances of snagging a good domain are slim to none. Most of the sought after keywords or single worded domains were already gobbled up right after the CO domain landrush period.

I managed to pick up about 10 or so one worded CO domains last year right around july/august and I know for a fact that these would definitely have been registered by someone else. I even got a Cease and Desist letter ONE day after registering my CO domain.

Anytime there is a coupon I somehow manage to buy domains that I would NOT pay $30 for – however $7.50 is a different story. I can get 3 domains for the price of one and who doesn’t like that?

I decided to register some new .co’s since I likely would have NOT paid $30 a pop for these. I plan on developing them and see how they do. Here are my precious…i mean cheap… $7.49 CO domains

  • No Gas – blog dedicted to hybrid & electric vehicles
  • Talk Cars – would love a car forum
  • Rare Toys – Im a collector – what do you expect? I want to create a buy/sell/trade forum – will have more details as I get into it
  • Free Debit Cards – I took a chance for $7.49

Now I can see why godaddy reported an increase in new domain registrations – new commercial + Marketing + Coupons = $$$$$$

What are some of your newest .CO domains? Feel free to share!