Mar 312011

I have just watched the video of Bob Parsons, CEO of Godaddy slay an elephant. It is extremely disturbing and stupid. This video has sparked thousands of people to literally move their domains from godaddy elsewhere.

Currently, NameCheap has publicly announced that anyone who transfers their domains, Namecheap will donate $1 to Save The Elephants which is a very nice gesture, and good for namecheap.

I personally believe that the more money someone has, the more bored they get with their life and are always looking for something else to take up time – however what Parson’s did was just downright retarded. Who the hell gets off on shooting an elephant? Then he glamorizes his “achievement” by playing AC/DC’s Hells Bells and has all the locals wearing godaddy baseball caps. I think Parson’s should go back to Zimbabwe, and face the elephants without his gun. Then I’d like to see the outcome of that.

PETA recently awarded Parson’s with the “Scummiest CEO Of The Year” award – which he should get. TMZ published the letter, which can be read HERE.

So all in all, Bob Parsons – you are a moron. I have about 100 domains registered at godaddy which I am going to be moving shortly. I dont need a CEO that gets a euphoric high from slaughtering an elephant.

In case you want to see the stupid video – it is below:

Mar 242011

I just read the lastest DNJournal domain sales and found a few more CO Domains that popped up here and there. It seems that there are a few $1K+ CO Domain sales each time I read a new sales report, which tells me that there is still potential for a decent CO Domain sale. In all reality, most people picked up these domains for reg fee – which is about $30, the 1 year renewal has not taken place yet for CO Domains since most were registered right around May/June of 2010. So people are flipping a $30 domain for at least $1,000. If you sell a co domain for $1k, then you are making right arounf 33.33 times your initial investment – which is a very nice return on something that is less than one year old.

However, in order to make a sale you need to find someone interested in purchasing the domain. Ideally, you would like TWO people interested in the domain in order to drive prices up. With well over 600K registered .CO domains, I was hoping to see MORE than just a handful of domains sell. If you do own CO domains, try to assess the quality of the name. There are going to be many CO domains that drop in the next few months when it comes time to renew. If you have a good keyword domain then keep it – if you registered something a few days ago, then it might be much harder to sell. I am not giving up hope – I feel that I have some good, strong keyworded .CO’s and I have no problem paying the $30 to renew for another year. The LAST thing you want is to drop the domain, have someone else pick it up, and flip it right in front of your face.

On a side note, here are the latest CO domains that sold: $4,583 $3,455 $3,000 $1,100

I am VERY surprised adspace sold for only $1k – personally, I would have held onto this CO domain.

Congrats to the sellers and new owners of these CO domains!

Mar 172011

DN Journal recently published their weekly domain name sales and guess what? A CO Domain tied for the #4 spot! MUSIC.CO was sold on sedo for a whopping $30,000. Some people still have their doubts with CO Domains but if we keep seeing some domains sell for mid to upper tens of thousands, then I think the co industry will be in good shape. I still personally believe that there is great money to be made with co domains if you purchased them last year.

If you are new to CO domains, then it might be much harder to flip or make money with co domains. Just about every good single or keyworded CO domain has already been snagged and they are now starting to sell for a decent price.

Lately, I have been purchasing LLL.CO domains because I feel that they have some great potential. Based on the LLL.CO domains that I have been watching, most have ended in the mid to upper hundreds. On average, LLL.CO domains seem to be selling right around the $500 range on the second hand market. If you have some 3 letter CO domains, I would hold onto them. If you are looking to sell some, then feel free to contact me icon smile Still Hope For CO Domains Most people turn to forums when trying to sell domains – don’t think that you will get top dollar for your domains on a forum. Just about everyone on a forum is looking for deals from people who want to unload their domains.

Currently, SEDO has a 3 letter CO domain at auction for $500 USD – that domain is: LKR.CO. LUNY.CO is also on auction at $60. Best of luck to those 2 CO domains along with anyone else who is selling them. On a side note, I recently sold a 4 letter CO domain through godaddy auctions.

Mar 112011

For those of us who have an amazon associates account and live in Illinois, we will no longer be allowed to participate in the program. I knew that it was only a matter of time before this law was signed and passed.

Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill forcing companies like Amazon and Overstock to collect 6.25% tax on their sales from affiliates living in Illinois. I am so sick and tired of this crooked ass state. I usually don’t like bitching and moaning but how much more can the people of Illinois take? Just a few months ago, the state tax was raised over 75% so the state can make even more money than it already does. Here is the email that Amazon just sent:

    For well over a decade, the Amazon Associates Program has worked with thousands of Illinois residents. Unfortunately, a new state tax law signed by Governor Quinn compels us to terminate this program for Illinois-based participants. It specifically imposes the collection of taxes from consumers on sales by online retailers – including but not limited to those referred by Illinois-based affiliates like you – even if those retailers have no physical presence in the state.

    We had opposed this new tax law because it is unconstitutional and counterproductive. It was supported by national retailing chains, most of which are based outside Illinois, that seek to harm the affiliate advertising programs of their competitors. Similar legislation in other states has led to job and income losses, and little, if any, new tax revenue. We deeply regret that its enactment forces this action.

    As a result of the new law, contracts with all Illinois affiliates of the Amazon Associates Program will be terminated and those Illinois residents will no longer receive advertising fees for sales referred to,, or Please be assured that all qualifying advertising fees earned prior to April 15, 2011 will be processed and paid in full in accordance with the regular payment schedule. Based on your account closure date of April 15, 2011, any final payments will be paid by July 1, 2011.

    You are receiving this email because our records indicate that you are a resident of Illinois. If you are not currently a permanent resident of Illinois, or if you are relocating to another state in the near future, you can manage the details of your Associates account here. And if you relocate to another state after April 15, please contact us for reinstatement into the Amazon Associates Program.

    To be clear, this development will only impact our ability to continue the Associates Program in Illinois, and will not affect the ability of Illinois residents to purchase online at from Amazon’s retail business.

    We have enjoyed working with you and other Illinois-based participants in the Amazon Associates Program and, if this situation is rectified, would very much welcome the opportunity to re-open our Associates Program to Illinois residents.


    The Amazon Associates Team

Am I the only one who wishes Rod Blagoveich was still the governor? At least when he was in office, shit was getting done. So what if the guy took some money under the table to do certain tasks – at least he wasn’t trying to screw over EACH and EVERY resident of Illinois.

Mar 102011

Domaining is a niche that just about everyone wants a piece of. I mean come on, who in their right mind does not like the idea of making money from a website, blog, or even a domain name. Everyone loves this idea but it is much easier said that done. Being a successful domain investor takes years of practice and making mistakes before you can truly master the art of domaining.

Blogging fits perfectly into the domaining world. If you are making money online then why not write about it? However as with every single niche there are people who post information and those who simply repost just to get attention. Go to any blog and look at the blogroll, or link section. Some blogs will have 20 or more links that point to another domain blog – is this overkill?

When someone says “search engine” I immediately think of google – then after thinking a bit more yahoo and bing would be the next obvious reason. What about “domain blog?” What is the first thing that pops into your head? Well that’s a tough one simply because every domain blog has something different to offer. No one has a “perfect” domain blog – but then again what is a perfect domain blog? Is it one that provides a service, say a dropping domain list, one that tells you how to make money, or one that keeps you up to date with all the latest and greatest domain information? Every person would yield a different answer. So how do you define the best domain blog? Well you cant, but one thing you can ask yourself is are there too many domain blogs?

According to GAKT , there are 12,100 global monthly searches for the broad phrase “domain blog” with moderate competition. If you google Domain Blog the first result takes you to a blogger blog called domain blog that has not been updated since November, 2010. The second result is a google question about domain blogs and it is not until the third result that we see an acutal domain blog – and that is Elliots Blog followed by Ricks Blog. Are these 2 blogs the best? They certainly are good but I cant say if they are the best. They do have the best SEO optimization since they are ranked so well on google.

Finding the best domain is not an easy task. Personally I feel that Domaining

is one of the best domain sites out there today. The idea is purely genius and works well. Imagine going to an airport, looking at the destination screen, pick one place and go there. That is what this site is. It is a hub that has access to each and every domain blog. The owner is also a marketing guru. If you want to be featured on domaining, you pay a one time fee and then any post you create will be submitted to the site and viewed by thousands, if not more, daily. Instead of remembering 20 different domain blogs or having them all added to your favorites, you simply pick and choose any post that interests you on domaining.

What about the blogs who cant afford domaining’s cost? (such as this one) What are we supposed to do? Well that’s where it gets trickier. Unless you have a blog that provides unique content you might not have much luck. Even with unique content there is still a mountain to climb. Without the proper marketing, linkbuilding, and even being visible on google you are SOL. There could be hundreds of domain blogs that will never be discovered due to low google search results or improper seo building. But it is what it is. Finally, I want to state that I do feel that there are too many domain blogs. There are many times in a week that I will read the same exact post 4 different times of 4 different blogs. However anytime there is someone making money and writing about it, people will listen and the traffic will flow.

Mar 092011

Last year, when I first heard about the newest co domain extension, I instantly became hooked and imagined a handful of co domains that I wanted to register. Well it is now a year later, and I have about 40 CO Domains in my portolio – of which 95% have been hand registered last year.

I decided to take some of my better co domains and develop a few of them just to see how they would rank in google and if I would be able to attract traffic. My co domains are very new so there is nothing to brag about – but they are getting consistent traffic and with the right marketing I believe that they will be able to get much more exposure IF I do it right. I am going to share all the CO domains that I have developed, and am working on daily to improve. As mentioned each CO domain is using wordpress and a free premium theme , which is extremely easy to use and has a ton of options you can customize.


    SDCC.CO is a comic com related blog that I just created a few weeks ago. I love collecting (and make good money doing it) and also attending various conventions. SDCC is San Diego Comic Con and is the biggest comic/media convention there is. I got lucky and reg’d which is going to be strictly a comic con blog. My goal is to attend various conventions with flyers and even wear a SDCC.CO shirt to each. This will be a great way to attract traffic and get my name out there!

No Gas

    I purchased for $7 when godaddy had a coupon during the superbowl. This is a domain that I wanted to buy but not spend $30 on. NoGas is a blog that discusses hybrid vehicles, electric cars, alternative fuel and any other new car technology related issue.


    Neuralgia is a site that discusses different medical symptoms of the neuralgia disorder. This is a very specific word that gets searched thousands of times a month – and neuralgia has been getting decent traffic.

Debt Guide

    Debt guide is a debt related blog that you guessed it, talks about debt. This is one CO domain that I am looking to sell – interested?

Those are the CO domains that I am working on and developing – what are some co domains you are working on? My goals for the nezt few years are to develop the following domains: Adblocker, DailyBargain, SocialAds, Supply Center

Mar 082011

One thing that everyone has in common is making money. There is nothing better and more rewarding than making money from an item – whether it is a collectible, providing a service, or domains. Everyone loves to buy low and sell high.

Lately I have been buying and selling domains which has been somewhat hard to keep track of. However one thing that I ALWAYS make sure to do is verify nameservers. As soon as I purchase a domain, I immediately go into the domain manager and change the nameservers. If you buy a domain and dont change the nameservers for a domain that is parked, you might be losing out on money – and no one likes that. For example, say I bought the domain zoop from someone else. I paid for the domain, had it transferred to my name and account, and it is now sitting in my godaddy account since I have no plans to develop it yet. I leave everything as is – BIG MISTAKE!

Well little did you know, that the person who I bought it from had it parked with google (or somewhere else) and had the nameservers pointing to a parked page. Now everytime someone types in the domain, they will be taken to the parked page and IF they click on an ad, then the OTHER person will get the money from the click! The click might only be worth a few pennies but still, money is money. You also dont want potential traffic to be directed to someone elses pocket!I have had this situation just happen to me recently. I sold a domain and the person still did not change the nameservers and I made a few cents from a click.

If you are going to buy a domain, then make sure to immediately change the nameservers. If you dont have plans on developing the domain then make sure to park it somewhere. Personally, I use SmartName, Sedo, and google to park my domains. The LAST thing you want to do is nothing – if you leave the nameservers as is then you will be losing money. Also, make sure to NEVER leave your domains parked at the registrars default page for the same reason. There are MANY places that allow you to park domains for free!