Apr 182012

It’s always great to wake up, check my emails and finally get something good from Godaddy – aside from all the BS spam they send out about “It’s time to renew your domain” 5 different times!

I was pleasantly surprised to see this:

ban 962 prem Premium .CO Listing Just Sold
Dear chris,Congratulations! Your Premium Listings domain has sold!Domain: (nameHidden).CO
Date Sold:
Listing Price: $ XXX.00
Commission: 30 %

To retrieve your customer number or password hint, or to reset your password, click the “Forgot Your Password?” hyperlink in the home page login area.


This is great news to me considering I forgot that I had the domain listed as a premium domain. The process is very smooth and straight forward – The sold domain has already been taken from my account and now I am simply waiting to receive funds.

.CO domains seem to be selling more and more as time goes on. If you have some good one worded dictionary domains, I suggest holding on to them. If you have some domains you want to sell quickly, then price them right and someone will pick it up.  Personally, I have sold 6 domains in about 6 months so far РMost were registered for reg fee and sold for mid $xxx.

I have slimmed down my .co portfolio and am focusing on the strong 1 worded domains – without a strategy you will never sell a thing!