Jul 312012

.CO has recently turned 2 and in those 2 years they have done a LOT of marketing, sure this domain had its ups and downs but there have been a few great sales and millions of domains registered that put this extension on the map.

I decided to focus mainly on LLL and dictionary noun words – I have a few verbs, but I think I am going to let them drop or simply sell them to the highest bidder on a forum.

Last week, I was contacted by another domainer, not an end user about a LLL .CO that I owned – It just so happened that this word was also a verb. The initial email stated that this person found my domain listed for sale on Godaddy’s Premium auctions but he could not afford my asking price which was low $x,xxx. I replied  back to his email saying yes I can lower the price but if you want to offer 1 or 2 hundred dollars I would not be interested. He replied back with a mid $xxx offer – I countered, and in a few back and forth emails we agreed on a price of very high $xxx.

Now the waiting game begins…..for most. Typically you go through escrow, you might even lose communication with the other person or he might simply back out. After all, an offer through email is not worth much. To my surprise, the buyer wanted a quick and smooth transaction. I suggested escrow if we split the fees – He said he wants it sooner than that. We both came to an agreement and the transaction was done – literally 30 minutes, The buyer got a domain he was very happy with and I got an amount that is fine with me.

This just goes to show you that sometimes the right buyer and communication can make a world of difference.

Have any of you had any decent .co sales?

Jul 202012

.CO just turned two and it has already done more in 2 years that many other domain extensions. Here is the official email taken from the .co registry’s website:

Today is our second birthday. That means it’s been exactly 24 months since .CO launched to the public in 2010. We’d like to thank you for being a part of seven-hundred-and-thirty glorious days of ideas imagined, startups launched, obstacles overcome, businesses booming, and victories won — both big and small. And we’d like to say “Happy Birthday to YOU”— our ever-growing, always-inspiring .COmmunity!

To celebrate, we’ve created this cool info-graphic highlighting some interesting domain stats and achievements.  Please flaunt your .CO pride by sharing this info-graphic with your friends, fans and followers — and by letting everyone know that together, we are building the future on .CO — one URL at a time!

Here are some great .CO Facts!

  • 1.3 million+ .co domains are registered! 
  • 54% of .CO domains are registered to people in the US
  • ALL LLL.CO domains are registered!
Congrats .CO! Happy Birthday
 .CO Turns 2   Happy Birthday!