Oct 282010

mario 300x137 Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition Hits the US Dec 12

This holiday keeps getting better and better everyday. Nintendo just announced that the Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition Hits the US Dec 12 for the Wii is FINALLY coming to the US on December 12, 2010. In addition to the already announced 25th Anniversary WII Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition Hits the US Dec 12
and the DSI XL Bundle Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition Hits the US Dec 12
Mario enthusiasts can now enjoy the ORIGINAL Mario series initially released on the Super Nintendo! This is great news to many collectors who want to complete their 25th anniversary set! Now I can finally put my old SNES cartridges to rest and get this.

This is also going to be one HOT Christmas item – People are already asking –>DOUBLE< ---.

The collection will include a Wii disc featuring the four games originally included on the SNES Super Mario All-Stars cartridge, including Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. In addition to the games, the package includes a soundtrack CD chronicling the history of the Mario franchise, and a 32-page Super Mario History booklet “featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes details and rare concept art.”

Retail price is $29.99 | Get yours before its too late!

Oct 252010

walkingdead2 The Walking Dead AMC SeriesAs if there werent enough zombie movies and video games already eating your brain, here comes one more for you. I actually love anything zombie related – and will watch this new series. I am very particular when it comes to detail, especially zombie detail. The bloodier the better is my motto.

If you havent heard AMC’s newest series: The Walking Dead – there IS still time to save yourself from a zombie apocolypse. This series actually looks great and should get become quite popular. Check out some of the trailers and pics below – and let the brain games begin!

The Walking Dead premiers on Halloween @ 10/9C

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Oct 252010

I’m starting to agree with South Park’s episode which featured Jersey taking over the world… Jersey Shore has literally turned 5 regular schmucks into super social media whores. Here’s the latest spoof on the short pickle eating, guido smushing, 4 foot nuthin midget from JSho – Jersey shore for short…

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Oct 192010

Last Sunday was by far the best simpsons episode in a while – it had many of the older highly sought after characteristics – funny one-liners, good ralph quotes, and an overall good story line that didnt rely solely on bringing in some big shot voice over. Im glad to see that the simpsons finally sparked a fire to what use to be a dim lit candle when it came to Sunday night Animation Domination. I hope the rest of the season is as good as this episode – and just a word of advice – you suck Seth Mcfarlane. Stop stealing shit the simpsons did years ago.

To those that want to catch up on past season, I recommend checking out Season 13!

To those who missed the episode, check out the entire simpsons episode thanks to HULU below:

Oct 182010

Yeap – you have read that right. If all the GTL isn’t enough for you already, you can now own your own Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino app. This guy has become a huge marketing whore, and it’s working. Just google “Mike the situation” and you will have over 41 MILLION hits. This guy literally went from a nobody to a millionaire. From his Dancing with the stars appearance to his protein infused vodka – this guy has some serious cash flow. All thanks to people like me and you who either love or hate this guy. ANY and EVERYTHING that gets attention will ultimately bring money. So for $4.99 you can enjoy The Situation App.

This app has been doing so well that is has made the top 10 grossing apps according to Yahoo News.

situation app 200x300 iPhone goes Jersey Shore with The Situation App

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Oct 132010

Do you have the internet? Do you like movies, er – i mean free movies? If you answered yes to both, then there is no reason that you should’nt be attending free movie screenings. Everytime I get a free screening to a  movie someone asks me, “How did you get that?” “Do you know someone from the movie?” I reply, “No, I know someone more important – his name is Google.” They just look at me in a weird way and leave.. But in all honesty, that is the answer.

If you live in a major city there are always free screenings to movies and what’s better than seeing a free movie weeks before it is aired. In the past 2 weeks, I have gone to  4 screenings – it would have been 5 but I arrived a bit too late and the theatre filled up.

So, how do you get free movie screenings? If you weren’t able to follow my google answer then here is a step by step.

I tend to use: GoFoBo and FilmMetro – both sights a free to sign up and you become notified when a screening is being shown in your area, but act quickly – they fill up fast!

If you live in the Chicago area then you are IN LUCK. HollywoodChicago is a website run by a movie guru named Adam. The site is infused with media rich content from plays to DVDs, tons of giceaways - and you guessed it – FREE MOVIE SCREENINGS! Best yet registration is free and it is pretty easy to get free passes. Adam sends out an email anytime a movie becomes available and all you have to do is log in an usually post a reply – how cool is that!

This week I am going to see Jackass 3D  and cant wait to see the shit they do.

Oct 112010

tigergolfball1 300x187 Find CIGAR GUY get $1,000

“Cigar Guy” – The latest internet buzz – havent heard of him? Just wait – you will soon enough. Cigar guy has become the #1 search on google.

What started as an amazing photograph of Tiger Woods shooting his ball straight toward the camera (that’s what she said), turned into an all out search for the infamous “Cigar Guy” standing in the background. Daily Mail photographer Mark Pain captured this shot by Tiger Woods during the Ryder Cup just before it crashed into his camera on Sunday.

Some people say the cigar dude was photoshopped into this pic – but other people are still on the hunt to find this man who already claimed his 15 minutes to fame. Not one blog – they started an all out manhunt for this guy. BeFrugal decided to have a contest and is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who confirms this mans identity.

Wanna play? Have you seen this fool? Here are the rules:


Entry: Contact us with proof of Cigar Guy’s identity and a way to get in touch with him.
Eligibility: Must be 18+ to enter. Void where prohibited by law. US, UK & Canada only.
Winner selection: The $1,000 reward will be awarded to the first person who identifies Cigar Guy to us, and does so before any other website publishes his identity. Winner selection is contingent on Befrugal.com being able to verify Cigar Guy’s identity.
Only One Prize: We are offering only one prize, and there can only be one winner. If another website publishes Cigar Guy’s identity before Befrugal.com, no prize will be awarded.

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