Feb 282011
tv domain

I believe that every domain portfolio should be well diverse but should contain only a handful of extensions. It is very important to pick some extensions and stick with them. Everyone should focus on .com along with a few others. Personally, I have only about 120 domains and they are broken down into .CO, .COM, and .TV.

Just about everyone in the world knows “tv” – they might not know the domain extension, but they sure do know that tv stands for television. I have been buying and selling TV domains for only about a year, but have picked up a handful of decent TV domains that have been getting consistent traffic while parked on sedo. NamePros has a section dedicated to TV domains which has become a very useful tool for not only researching this extension but also buying TV domains. I have about 30 domains and 80% have been purchased from namepros. The others have been purchased from end users or hand registered. There are many gems that can be found on namepros – im not talking about goldmines, but it is extremely easy for someone to find a domain auction, win a CHEAP domain and immediately flip it – if it doesnt suit you. I have flipped a very low $xx purchase into a mid $xxx purchase in about 2 weeks.

I feel that 2011 will be a good year for .TV domains and will lead to some $xx,xxx sales – especially if you have a domain that flows extremely well with a TV extension – for example, ANY movie genre – horror, drama, comedy – and domains with the word “show” – for example, I recently sold BridalShow[.]tv after owning it for about a month.

I have a few TV Domains that are developed, or in the process of being developed. Some of my developed TV Domains are:

  • Built – which features workout and fitness videos
  • Vegas Show – still needs to be updated
  • Catfights – Just added this domain – am working on developing it.

One thing in common is that ALL these domains have videos – which is something every developed TV domain needs! I am using free wordpress themes on all of theses and have automatic videos added. I am also noticing that most of these TV sites get type in traffic and are indexed in google.

The domains that are not developed are either parked at SmartName or Sedo. Over the past few months, traffic to my parked TV domains has increased noticeably.

The TV domains that are getting the most traffic are the ones I hang registered for $10 at name. To date, all of these domains have already paid for themselves and some have been making a few bucks each month – but they are getting traffic which is always a plus! and a good way to possibly start a sale. Here are my best performing TV domains:

So if you are looking to start investing in a new domain extension, I suggest you start adding some TV domains to your portfolio.

Jan 272011

Let me begin by saying that I do NOT like rap or hip hop – however this is something that everyone MUST see. Last week on Tosh.O, we seen a video of a guy dancing in the street and getting hit by a ice cream truck. That shit was hilarious. It is an older video, but Tosh decided to give this unlucky SOB a web redemption.

Tosh.O Web Redemption

This is BY FAR the funniest and best web redemption…EVER! If you dont like the beat you will like the lyrics. If you dont like the lyrics you will like the video. This video has it all – Bling, Chicks, and fancy cars – except the bling is the black guys grill – the chicks are 8 year old kids, and the fancy cars is a pimped out ice cream truck – yeap like I said this video has it all.

Not to mention that Optimo 55 is going to get a shit load of exposure for this and will probably do a song with Lil Wayne in a few months. SO congrats optimo 55 – you got your ass handed to you by an ice cream truck and now you are famous…

Optimo gets his ASS handed to him by an ice cream truck

Optimo 55 I’m Gipper Music Video

Nov 082010

There are 2 distinct things that let me know the holidays are almost here. The first is Black Friday and the second is The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode. Ever since I started watching the simpsons, back in the early 90′s I have been waiting for Halloween JUST to see the latest treehouse of horror. Every year they are great and this one is no different.

If you missed this years treehouse of horror – then you are in luck


Oct 252010

walkingdead2 The Walking Dead AMC SeriesAs if there werent enough zombie movies and video games already eating your brain, here comes one more for you. I actually love anything zombie related – and will watch this new series. I am very particular when it comes to detail, especially zombie detail. The bloodier the better is my motto.

If you havent heard AMC’s newest series: The Walking Dead – there IS still time to save yourself from a zombie apocolypse. This series actually looks great and should get become quite popular. Check out some of the trailers and pics below – and let the brain games begin!

The Walking Dead premiers on Halloween @ 10/9C

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Oct 252010

I’m starting to agree with South Park’s episode which featured Jersey taking over the world… Jersey Shore has literally turned 5 regular schmucks into super social media whores. Here’s the latest spoof on the short pickle eating, guido smushing, 4 foot nuthin midget from JSho – Jersey shore for short…

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Oct 192010

Last Sunday was by far the best simpsons episode in a while – it had many of the older highly sought after characteristics – funny one-liners, good ralph quotes, and an overall good story line that didnt rely solely on bringing in some big shot voice over. Im glad to see that the simpsons finally sparked a fire to what use to be a dim lit candle when it came to Sunday night Animation Domination. I hope the rest of the season is as good as this episode – and just a word of advice – you suck Seth Mcfarlane. Stop stealing shit the simpsons did years ago.

To those that want to catch up on past season, I recommend checking out Season 13!

To those who missed the episode, check out the entire simpsons episode thanks to HULU below:

Oct 182010

Yeap – you have read that right. If all the GTL isn’t enough for you already, you can now own your own Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino app. This guy has become a huge marketing whore, and it’s working. Just google “Mike the situation” and you will have over 41 MILLION hits. This guy literally went from a nobody to a millionaire. From his Dancing with the stars appearance to his protein infused vodka – this guy has some serious cash flow. All thanks to people like me and you who either love or hate this guy. ANY and EVERYTHING that gets attention will ultimately bring money. So for $4.99 you can enjoy The Situation App.

This app has been doing so well that is has made the top 10 grossing apps according to Yahoo News.

situation app 200x300 iPhone goes Jersey Shore with The Situation App

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