Dec 222010
new years resolution domain

2010 is quickly coming to an end – this gives us time to look back at 2010 and think about everything that happened good and bad. 2011 provides a fresh new start, ways to make things better, and opens up many new doors.

Everyone makes new years resolutions but many people fail to keep them. I think that everyone should make realistic resolutions or goals that can be accomplished. I also feel that each person should have 2 different sets of goals.

  • 1. Personal goals
  • 2. Business goals
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    Having 2 sets of goals is very important. It allows you to focus on 2 seperate things instead of jumbling everything together. So when 2011 hits, don’t be the millionth person to say “My resolution is to go to the gym everyday” – bullshit I say. MAKE REAL GOALS that you WILL follow!

    For my business 2011 goals – I plan to:

    • Buy a premium theme for Zoop
    • Write an Ebook and add an email list
    • Develop more domains
    • Drop some of my shitty domains
    • Attend more estate sales
    • Finish developing my classifieds webiste (so I dont get screwed in ebay fees
    • Keep track of all my earnings

    What are your goals for 2011? personal or business?

    Dec 132010
    wow cataclysm logo

    Everyone likes free money right? Who doesn’t like making about $50 by doing minimal work?

    Millions of people play World Of Warcraft religiously and even more people know about warcraft. The newest expansion, Cataclysm came out last week and the collectors edition *preorder* was SOLD OUT in every single store – Brick & Mortar AND Online. Luckily I snagged 2 copies of the collectors edition and put them on ebay as soon as WOW was released – however they didn’t sell. I quickly checked Amazon and they were became available on release day. Damn – my plan didn’t work – or did it?

    One trick that I have been doing for years is buying collectors editions and splitting them up. If you want to make an EASY $40-$50, then I suggest buying World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector’s Edition Make Money With World Of Warcraft Cataclysm from Amazon – Keep checking back since they will get this item in stock. They get the item and then it sells out. Retail price is $80.

    After you get the item you can easily split up the collectors edition contents – Here is my personal breakdown:

    • Sell the Collectors Edition BOX and Game (I think the game comes with the deathwing pet) for $50-$60
    • Sell the Art Book for $30-$35
    • Sell the Mousepad for $10
    • Sell the Starter 60 pack of cards for $10
    • Soundtrack $10-$15
    • Making Of DVD $10-$15
    • 4 Guest Passes (2 for WOW 2 for Starcraft II) $5-$10

    And BAM – there is ALL your money BACK + some nice profit!!! Charge $3-4 for the smaller items and ship them via first class – then charge $6 or $7 for the game + CE box set and send it media mail. This way you will cover shipping + some of your paypal fees!

    There you go – here is an extremely quick and easy way to make an extra $50 by buying 1 thing and splitting it up. As always, check out Amazon for more collectors edition and see if you can make money with other game sets!

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    Dec 102010
    Sob Story Excuse

    The holidays are a very busy and exciting time. A time where many people flood stores, spend money, buy gifts, etc etc. This is also a time when MANY people make some extra money if they plan the holidays right. If someone gets the hottest toy or latest gagdet, and it sells out, they can be making some decent extra cash on ebay or craigslist.

    I have been buying and selling vintage toys, collectibles, silver coins, action figures, electronics, and more. I have picked up on many trends and have a good grasp on what to buy, when to buy it, and how much extra money I can make from it.

    One of the most annoying things that ALWAYS happens to me around the holidays is people buying things and NOT paying for them. This happens to me at least 20 times a year (if not more) and I know it happens to millions of people each day.

    I recently sold 2 items on ebay – 1 for $100 and another for $250+. It was a good sale and I sent out an invoice to the winning buyer only to get the dreaded email back…. if you are a seller then you know EXACTLY what I am talking about…

    The last email I got said

      ” Oh, I am very sorry, my 3 year old daughter accidentally logged into my ebay account and purchased this item. I am very sorry about this and cannot buy it from you.”

    ARE YOU KIDING ME? I thought to myself – Your 3 year old logged into ebay and bought MY item? Obviously this is a case of buyers remorse. People will like your auction, get an impulse and buy something. This happens ALL the time and it NEEDS to stop. Not only is this a waste of time for the seller, but it also takes forever for ebay to refund your fees. It takes a minimum of 8 business for your final value fee to be refunded.<

    If you are a buyer – PLEASE PLEASE follow these steps

    • Set up a budget for what you can afford
    • Think before you buy
    • If you buy something PAY FOR IT!

    Do me and every other online seller a favor (not only ebay, but this applies to any site) Do NOT pay for items you cannot afford to buy and then send the seller a sob story – which is a pathetic sorry excuse for you being “less than intelligent”

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    Dec 062010
    25th anniversary mario nintendo dsi xl


    I have nothing else to say – and no better way to start off this post. Xmas is almost here and these are STILL AVAILABLE! I have been paying $179.99 from Amazon BUY Nintendo DSi XL 25th Mario And Make Money and have been consistently SELLING them already for almost $270. Yes thats right – $270.
    This is going to be an extremely hot item and even if it does not sell out before Xmas – it will increase in value over time!

    I suggest listing them on craigslist or ebay – but I dont suggest buying these if you have very low or no feedback at all. I have well over 1,200 feedback and have been selling for years.

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    Nov 272010

    I hate to admit it, but this product came out of left field. I knew that Microsoft was releasing a brand new innovative product – the KINECT Buy Sold Out Xbox Kinect At Retail Price but I had no idea that this product was going to be an instant sell out just across every store! I should have seen the signs : tons of commercials, great advertising, and Xbox even changed the entire Xbox Live setup dedicated to the Kinect.

    Just one day after Black Friday, and the Kinect is SOLD OUT. MSRP is $150 and it easily sells for $200 – a $50 profit, which is not bad considering I didn’t even think this would sell out. However, there is still some luck left for those of you who want to acquire one. It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

    Head on over to Kinect’s Amazon page Buy Sold Out Xbox Kinect At Retail Price, and add this to your wishlist and shopping cart. I also strongly suggest checking amazon daily or even a couple of times a day in case this item becomes available. This is going to be this years best seller. There are also some great bundle packages that contain the kinect. Luckily I snagged a Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect Buy Sold Out Xbox Kinect At Retail Price and it immediately sold out. There is also a Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect Buy Sold Out Xbox Kinect At Retail Price.

    These are all currently sold out, but will become available soon. Good luck with the search – with some patience it can be done!

    Keep your eyes peeled on these:

    Nov 232010
    Red 25th anniversary Mario Nintendo dsi Xl

    The new Nintendo DSi XL is going to be a hot item this Christmas. Why? Not only is it a brand new handheld made by Nintendo but this is also the 25th anniversary of Mario – and the system comes with custom mario logos on front and is Mario’s favorite color -red.

    What else tells me this is going to be a hot item? This DSi XL costs $179.99 at Amazon Nintendo 25th Mario DSi XL Costs $180 Sells for $215 BUT it SELLS for about $215+ ALREADY on ebay. Does this make any sense to you? It should. This means that people are already thinking this is going to sell out and are paying whatever price is on amazon instead of doing their homework. I can see this system easily selling for $250 either during Christmas, or even after the holidays. This is going to be ONE HOT HANDHELD!