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ZOOP is a .CO blog that is dedicated to providing its readers with free information and useful methods of making money with actual products. I am also trying to spread .co extension like wildfire and I need YOUR help!

I have created this page as a FREE resource method for you to promote your .CO domain! Are you looking for different ways to generate traffic AND get a FREE backlink? Then you have come to the right place!

This section is going to feature any .CO domain that is developed and has content on it! You will get a link to your site PLUS a snapshot of the home page!

What’s the best part? ITS FREE!

In oder to have your .CO site shown on this page, I ask you to do is 1 of the following:

  • 1. Create a post about this offer with a link to this page
  • 2. Add a link to my site somewhere on your page
  • 3. Update your Facebook status or TWEET with a link to my site about this
  • 4. FOLLOW ME on twitter


If you want your .CO site posted here, then please do ONE of the items listed above and send ME AN EMAIL with the title: .CO domain


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Lets make .CO SOAR!

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  10 Responses to “CO Domains”

  1. Here are some .CO domains:


  2. I own several .CO domains.
    None have I actually built into a website yet. I have used different sites to build mini sites on the.
    As of right now, I am waiting to see what happens after the Superbowl commercial airs.
    I would like to see if there is more of a buzz to happen about .CO.

    Right now Godaddy has confirmed that they will be presenting a new Godaddy girl strictly for .CO.
    I dont know if Godaddy has done this for any other extension, but either way this could only be considered a good thing for .CO.

    I have only picked up a small handful of .CO domains and of those several I will keep and develop some of them. The rest I hope to sell at some profit (or so I hope) as time goes on and .CO gains in popularity.
    Among them are:

    The rest I plan to develop for for personal or other reasons.

  3. I own a bunch of .CO domain names I’d like to find end users for.
    My plans to develop them all myself seem to be taking longer than anticipated :P
    http://www.collabo.co is my newest site and http://www.domainnamesales.co was where I was planning on selling my .CO’s..eventually.

  4. This is my longest .co but I’m really into home generators.

  5. Do you not have widget that allows one to search for .co domains at the top of this page?

  6. Co domains are the best alternative to com.
    My listings in codaddy:

  7. .co domain usefull for seo.godaddy.com Just $9.99 for the first year .

  8. Will be developing this domain http://www.thefree.co soon to offer freestuff, freebies, free samples and some coupons and deals as well as planning to offer free web hosting services on this domain in Q1 of 2013.

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