Dec 232010
.CO domain money

DNJournal just released their weekly domain sales reports and another .CO domain made the list! hit the #14 spot on the list with a huge $15,000 sale on Sedo. Talk about an AMAZING domain name! This one would fit me perfectly! Too bad I’m about $14,500 short of the selling price!

This domain has some serious potential and I HOPE that the new owner develops it. Since I am an avid seller of collectibles, I would love to have an alternate place to sell my items.

I have said it before and I will say it again – there is money to be made with .CO domains. Some gems are still potentially out there so have some faith and keep looking! I have been buying MANY 3 letter .CO domains for about $20. 3 letter domains are rare in any extension – let alone one that is being treated as a top level domain.

If you are new to domain names then I suggest you check out NameNewbie and start learning. I also suggest joining NamePros which is another great research method.

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