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Expiring Domains

Everyone has domains in their portfolio that they do not plan on renewing. Some people have only a few expiring domains while other can have hundreds of thousands of domains that will simply drop. Everyday there are about 50,000+ domains that expire and are available to be hand registered. Everyone has his own reason for registering a domain – most people buy domain names to do a quick flip – but it does not work – and the person doesn’t feel like spending $x or $xx on renewal fees so he simply does nothing and the domain drops. BIG MISTAKE.

If you have domains that are expiring and you DON’T want to renew them, then why not try to sell them? Why not try to get a few bucks for the domain instead of getting NOTHING? Last year I registered some domains that I planned on developing but never got around to it. After considering the options, I have decided not to renew a few domains. Instead of trying to make a profit on the domains (which I know will not happen right now) I have decided to try selling the domains to at least cover my reg fee. Not wanting to lose 100% of my initial investment, I decided to sell the domains to the highest bidder.

Today there are numerous forums and places that make it extremely easy for anyone to sell their domains quickly and for FREE. If you have domains that are expiring soon, meaning 6 months or less, then I suggest you try selling them for a reasonable price at any of the following places:

I can recommend any of the above places for you to sell your expiring domain names for free. Also, when trying to sell expiring domains, I use the following as a method for pricing. If the domains expires in:

    more than 6 months – $20+
    3-5 months – $10-20
    1 to 3 months – start an auction for $1 and sell to highest bidder

If the domain does not sell, then readjust the price and always make sure to bump up your post to the top in any sale forums. Just read the rules about bumping your post to the top. I currently have a few domains that are expiring soon. If a domain has 1 to 3 months left to expire, I send them to ebay for a 7 day auction. I like to include multiple domains and start the auction at .99. This has been successful and has allowed me to make some money from my expiring domains, instead of simply letting them drop which would give me no money at all.
So instead of doing nothing and letting your domains drop, take some time and market your expiring domains. Its much better to sell a domain for $2 than to lose $10.

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  1. I suppose you are correct. I had 5 .info domains recently I bought at $1.99 and their renewal was coming up. GoDaddy wanted something like $8 each. I dropped them before renewal without making an effort to sell them. The hassle of auctioning them wasn’t worth their original price in my opinion,However had these been $10 .coms then going the auction route would have made sense.

    • If you have domains that you dont want to renew then selling them for anything is better than simply letting them drop. I would try one of the free sites I mentioned above or even put them all into a bulk auction on ebay – depending on your feedback and if you sell on ebay. Good luck with the domains!
      thanks for the comments

  2. Be Smart Dont Drop Your Expiring Domains

  3. I think you are correct, I dropped many of them before renewal without making an effort to sell them..

    • It is much better to sell your dropping domains for a few bucks to someone else instead of getting 0 and having your domains simply drop

  4. What an idea. Great. I just think that why didn’t this thing came in my mind ever. Still, Thanks to you for such a wonderful article. Selling expiring domains is really effective.

  5. Nice article. I am completely agree with it. We should not drop expiring domains. They may make profit for us too.

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