Jan 102011

I have been buying and selling on ebay for almost 10 years now. I have over 1,250 positive feedback and have easily dealt with more than 10,000 different products totaling more than 6 figures.

It is extremely easy for anyone to sell something on ebay and there are tons of sellers – however if you are a seller, then you surely need at least 2 buyers. Let me explain – If you have an item listed for sale for say $10 and you only have 1 buyer (bidder) then your item will ONLY sell for $10. Now say you have 2 buyers your chances of selling that item for more greatly increases. Those 2 bidders might end up getting into a “bidding war” and drive up the price of your product tremendously.

So how does one start selling items successfully? Well there are dozens of factors to consider such as marketing your product on forums and building up your feedback but the most important is: finding the best day to end your auctions

I have ended auctions at just about every hour on each day and have out what days work and what don’t. I am here today to help you make the most money from your auctions.

Best days to end auctions

I have listed the best days and time to end auctions based on my personal experience. First I will start off with the things that you should NOT – actually NEVER – do. Then I will go through my personal times and days that produce the best results – aka make me the most money


  • END an auction on a holiday
  • End an auction during the morning, early afternoon or late at night. Heres why: no one is online during these hours! Think about what time you are online and use that as a judgment.
  • End auctions on these days: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday


Here is what you have been waiting for – the best days and time to end auctions. I personally have been using these methods for years

  • End auctions when EVERYONE is using the internet! Evenings – At around 8 or 9 PM – This is after everyone gets home, has dinner, and has some time to wind down and relax. Then most Americans log onto the internet which greatly increases the chances of someone remembering they wanted to buy something off ebay
  • Lunch time – everyone needs a break from their day and around noon most people do online. These are the 2 best times to end auctions
  • Best DAYS to end auctions: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday,

Why these days?I have found that Sunday evenings are much much better than friday and saturday. Friday is the end of the workweek and millions of people go out to dinner, a movie, or spend time together with a family or friends, etc – basically they are NOT on a computer. Saturday doesnt work well either since most people are relaxing or doing something else. Sunday is the end of the week and the day most people spend online. The weekend is almost over and what better way to spend the day than being online? Wednesday is another good day because its mid week and allows people to buy something and if they need some extra cash, they can wait till the end of the week before paying you. Ebay allows a seller a minimum of 4 days to pay for an item. The last good day is Thursday based on the same reasons as Wednesday.

Promote your items!

Now that you know the best days and time to sell – it is time to promote your auctions! There are tons of ways to promote but personally I use forums to boost any potential profit. I sell many collectibles such as toys and am an active member in many online forums. Make sure to find a forum that has a buy/sell section and utilize it!

What do you think of these tips? What tips/methods do you use to sell and make the most money?

  2 Responses to “Best Day To End Auctions”

  1. I agree, Sunday is the best day to end auctions. This is true as well for any competition that you are ending, people have free time on Sunday night, its that simple.

  2. I often wondered about this. I never took the time to look for data on it however.
    Still its a nice bit of information to know.
    I can see from normal trends of hits on my website that the week ends are a little less busy (at least that is the trend for over all hits for me).
    So with my little bit of personal experience on a trend on website hits and what you compiled here, I would hazard to put the best day to end an auction is either Wednesday or Thursday.

    Just my 2 cents.

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