Mar 082011

One thing that everyone has in common is making money. There is nothing better and more rewarding than making money from an item – whether it is a collectible, providing a service, or domains. Everyone loves to buy low and sell high.

Lately I have been buying and selling domains which has been somewhat hard to keep track of. However one thing that I ALWAYS make sure to do is verify nameservers. As soon as I purchase a domain, I immediately go into the domain manager and change the nameservers. If you buy a domain and dont change the nameservers for a domain that is parked, you might be losing out on money – and no one likes that. For example, say I bought the domain zoop from someone else. I paid for the domain, had it transferred to my name and account, and it is now sitting in my godaddy account since I have no plans to develop it yet. I leave everything as is – BIG MISTAKE!

Well little did you know, that the person who I bought it from had it parked with google (or somewhere else) and had the nameservers pointing to a parked page. Now everytime someone types in the domain, they will be taken to the parked page and IF they click on an ad, then the OTHER person will get the money from the click! The click might only be worth a few pennies but still, money is money. You also dont want potential traffic to be directed to someone elses pocket!I have had this situation just happen to me recently. I sold a domain and the person still did not change the nameservers and I made a few cents from a click.

If you are going to buy a domain, then make sure to immediately change the nameservers. If you dont have plans on developing the domain then make sure to park it somewhere. Personally, I use SmartName, Sedo, and google to park my domains. The LAST thing you want to do is nothing – if you leave the nameservers as is then you will be losing money. Also, make sure to NEVER leave your domains parked at the registrars default page for the same reason. There are MANY places that allow you to park domains for free!

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  1. Change Nameservers When Buying Domains

  2. Why worry for pennies? How much do you earn with parking anyhow?

    • If you are making pennies then that does not matter and you can leave it, but it makes sense for anyone to change their nameservers in case they do get a decent click.

      I have some of my domains parked at google and they def. make more than a few pennies. The cheapest click I have gotten is $0.75 – and I dont want people to be losing money which is why I wrote this article as a reminder

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