Jun 022011

The CO Internet SAS announced that it has finally reached the 1 million mark with CO Domain registrations! According to the post:

    “Entrepreneurs and innovative businesses around the globe are adopting .CO web addresses at an unprecedented pace, way beyond my initial expectations,” said Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO Internet. “To hit this milestone in less than a year is a great testament to the hard work and dedication of our team – and especially to the foresight of all of those who believed in .CO from the very beginning. From our retail and business partners; to the trademark and domain communities; to all the people, businesses and brands who are building their futures on .CO – we owe you a million thanks!”

In order to celebrate this milestone, the CO Internet has commissioned a series of short films called “Under the Bulb,” which will premier live at a private event to be held on June 9th during Internet Week in New York City. Under the Bulb tells the stories of the people behind the growth of .CO. Each inspiring two-minute film captures life from the time the big “light-bulb moment” first strikes – through the time their ideas are brought to life.

The registry has not mentioned which domain was registered, but they did say it was registered at GoDaddy. Congrats to everyone who owns and uses a CO Domain.

  4 Responses to “1 Million CO Domain Registrations”

  1. 1 Million CO Domain Registrations http://goo.gl/fb/RULXr

  2. Yippy! We’ve reached the million marker, I’m sure it’s still climbing. Hurray!!!

  3. oh my god that really happy to see yuppie…………..

  4. thanks a million to you for this post, otherwise i have sale out my co-domains

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