Jan 232012

Selling domains is not an easy task – There are hundreds of different outlets one can use when trying to sell websites/domains.

Flippa has been getting a ton of great sales recently. I know they are mostly used for websites that generate revenue, but I decided to take a shot and list 6 of my law/attorney .CO domains.


Most people ask ridiculous prices for their .co domains – which is unrealistic and a waste of the $19 listing fee. This auction is starting at only $40 and includes ALL 6 domains – You can make more than that by getting a few clicks! Here are the domains included in this auction:

33,000+ Monthly searches
$15.05 CPC!!!

30,000+ Monthly Searches
$13.82 CPC

6,000+ Monthly Searches
$11.49 CPC

5,000+ Monthly Searches
$12.15 CPC

3,000+ Monthly Searches
$16.43 CPC

3,000+ Monthly Searches
$18.37 CPC

If you are interested in this domain auction, please click on the link below:

2690861 6 Law/Attorney .CO Domains 4 Sale On Flippa

  4 Responses to “6 Law/Attorney .CO Domains 4 Sale On Flippa”

  1. 6 Law/Attorney .CO Domains 4 Sale On Flippa http://t.co/ejC5SFNw

  2. Good luck. Can you explain where you get the montly searches figures and cpc from? I’d like to get the same stats for my few domains.

  3. hi Zoopco thanks for sharing mate
    really that .co domain is having high cpc will try to buy any one of them to earn good amount of money

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