May 182011

The CO Internet registry released a press release stating that the greatest store on earth, Amazon, has acquired some key CO domains. The online giant recently added:


Now Amazon can truly say that they have everything from A to Z in stock, however I am very curious to see what they plan on doing with these domains. Most people think that the 3 single letter co domains will be used as shortcuts to their respected pages – A.CO = K.CO = Kindle Z.CO = Zappos. I am HOPING that Amazon takes and develops it.

Amounts were not disclosed on purchase prices, however these 4 domains could easily have been acquired for as much as 7 figures. According to the CO Internet registry:

    While the terms of the acquisition will remain confidential, will join the ranks of other leading online businesses, brands and entrepreneurs that are using .CO domain names to more easily connect, communicate and engage with the world of mobile and socially connected consumers, including, among others, Twitter, Politico, GoDaddy and Overstock (which, of particular note, recently rebranded its international business from to O.CO).

The press release also mentions that there are nearly 1 million registered CO domains to date, however they still won’t budge on actual registration numbers. I am sure that we will see 1 million registered CO domains by Thanksgiving.

  2 Responses to “Amazon Floats On Cloud.CO Domain”

  1. Amazon Floats On Cloud.CO Domain

  2. All what we needed is in Amazon.. good to know.

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