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Three letter domains have always been popular – especially with .com domains. On average LLL.COM domains sell anywhere from high hundreds to thousands of dollars. With all the CO Domain buzz lately, it only makes sense that most LLL.CO domains are registered.

Personally I think that LLL CO domains can become wanted and have the potential to generate a decent amount of income. They are shorter that COM domains and CO is being heavily marketed as opposed to other LLL domains in other extensions.

If you check forums, godaddy, or sedo – you will notice MANY CO domains for sale and there are quite a few LLL.CO domains thrown in the mix. What you will also notice is the price. MANY people are asking A LOT of money for their LLL CO domain however most dont sell due to the asking price. To date, there have not been any high priced LLL.CO domain sales, but that does not mean anything. CO domains have been around for less than a year and have already generated a tremendous buzz.

I have been buying about 1-2 LLL.CO domains a week for these reasons.

    Just about every LLL.CO is already registered – some will start selling soon and they have a great chance of selling for a good price. If someone cant afford spending $2,000 on a LLL.COM then I am sure they can pick up a LLL.CO for half of that.
    Even if you register a LLL.CO domain and keep it for X amount of years, you will still have a great chance of selling your domain for more than the cost of registration.
    LLL.CO domains are the shortest possible extension – and everyone likes shortcuts.

As mentioned earlier, I buy 1-2 LLL.CO domains a week and I never spend more than $30 – which is the registration fee at most places. If you want to add some short LLL.CO domains into your portfolio, then I suggest you start doing your homework – or read the next paragraph.

Forget godaddy, sedo or forums – these places are filled with flippers that want an immediate return on their investment. Just about everyone in these places asks a ridiculous amount of money or have a very high reserve. Use EBAY Yes – ebay has been a great place for finding LLL.CO domains. I recently purchased 3 domains for about $15 a piece. Some might say thats a waste – but I can care less since people make money by STARTING trends – not following them. The second place to find LLL.CO domains is on Cax Cax.com costs $10 to buy/sell domains but it is a great worthwhile investment. All you need to simply do is apply a filter. First Set the extension to CO. Then set the reserve to: NO RESERVE. Apply the filter and you will see every single CO domain listed for sale without a reserve. This means that you can send any domain to auction for $20. Personally, I think that spending $20 on a LLL CO domain is DEF worth it – and might even sell for $200 or $2,000 in the near future.

cax Buy Cheap LLL CO Domains

I just recently bought a LLL.CO domain and am bidding on another GREAT keyword co domain – all for $20. Feel free to post any LLL.CO domains that you own icon smile Buy Cheap LLL CO Domains or let us know what methods you use to buy CO domains

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I had a look on ebay but how do you filter the search for LLL.co domains? I tried lll.co and “three letter .co domains” but couldn’t find any.

    • on ebay all you can do is simply type “co” or “.co” into the search under the domain section and then manually search for them.

      They are there just have some patience

      Let me know if you score any!!

      I just bought another CO domain

  2. Buy Cheap LLL CO Domains http://goo.gl/fb/ym8BX

  3. Fully agree!
    I have registered more than 100 LLL .CO domains.

  4. I have some good .co domains for sale right now. Check them out at:


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