Feb 042011

The superbowl is almost here and that means big news for CO domains. The .CO extension has become extensively marketed which is causing people to recognize and even register CO domains. During my daily domain blog reading, I came across a post over at The Domains which mentioned that .CO has hit the front page of the LA Times. This is pretty big news. If the average person does not know or care about domains, they might not know about .CO domains – however there are hundreds of thousands of people who read the paper via the internet, or the “old school” almost-extinct way – reading the actual paper.

Here is the article

Not only are CO domains already being heavily marketed – there are many companies who are actively using this newest extension. Godaddy also announced a new CO girl – a girl with no name at the moment, but pics of her bootie and melons can be found just about anywhere online.

co girl1 200x300 CO Hits Los Angeles Hard

The superbowl is almost here and I am extremely anxious to see the .CO commercial, the CO girl, and what effect these things have on CO domains – not just the positive impact on Bob Parson’s pocketbook from new CO domain registrations. Only time will tell!

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