Mar 242011

I just read the lastest DNJournal domain sales and found a few more CO Domains that popped up here and there. It seems that there are a few $1K+ CO Domain sales each time I read a new sales report, which tells me that there is still potential for a decent CO Domain sale. In all reality, most people picked up these domains for reg fee – which is about $30, the 1 year renewal has not taken place yet for CO Domains since most were registered right around May/June of 2010. So people are flipping a $30 domain for at least $1,000. If you sell a co domain for $1k, then you are making right arounf 33.33 times your initial investment – which is a very nice return on something that is less than one year old.

However, in order to make a sale you need to find someone interested in purchasing the domain. Ideally, you would like TWO people interested in the domain in order to drive prices up. With well over 600K registered .CO domains, I was hoping to see MORE than just a handful of domains sell. If you do own CO domains, try to assess the quality of the name. There are going to be many CO domains that drop in the next few months when it comes time to renew. If you have a good keyword domain then keep it – if you registered something a few days ago, then it might be much harder to sell. I am not giving up hope – I feel that I have some good, strong keyworded .CO’s and I have no problem paying the $30 to renew for another year. The LAST thing you want is to drop the domain, have someone else pick it up, and flip it right in front of your face.

On a side note, here are the latest CO domains that sold: $4,583 $3,455 $3,000 $1,100

I am VERY surprised adspace sold for only $1k – personally, I would have held onto this CO domain.

Congrats to the sellers and new owners of these CO domains!

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