Dec 272011

Every once in a while Godaddy sells an expired domain for a decent amount – which always makes me wonder why the original owner let the domain drop.

LLL.CO domains have picked up in price and it seems as if every single expired domain is picked up bu someone – most sell for the initial $12 price, and some can reach low $xxx in price.

One domain that caught my eye early on (when it was $100) was This was an expired domain that initially started off at $10 – the domain just SOLD for $1,205 with 47 bids.

The .com is a developed site owned by Dragonvision International Corp. I wonder who the new owner is and what he plans on doing with the domain.

Another interesting domain was – the domain was at $10 with about 2 minutes left – then shot up to over $200 as it closed for $206 – I think I know who won this domain….. icon wink Sells For $1,205 At Godaddy Auction

This just goes to show you that there are still a few expired domains that sell for much more than reg fee.

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  1. Wow concratulations with your action!

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