Oct 182011

The annual TRAFFIC auctions starts today and there are a few decent .CO domains in the lot – The one that everyone is talking about is sex.co.

With the recent $100K sale of onlinecasino.co one can only imagine what this domain will sell for. Sex.co has not listed a reserve price – all we know is that the reserve is under $??,xxx.  

Here are some of the .CO domains listed for sale at this years TRAFFIC auction:

Touchdown.co Reserve under $1500
HardDrives.co Reserve under $1500
Sub.co Reserve under $10,000
Her.co Reserve under $10,000
Emoticon.co Reserve under $3,000
goldjewelry.co NO RESERVE
Sex.co Reserve under ???,000
Approvals.co Reserve under $3,000
Duchang.co (chinese for “casino”) NO RESERVE

I am very curious to see how much these domains sell for – This is the first year that online bidding is not permitted. You need to physically be there or go old school and place your bid via the telephone or whatever that old technology is called – Why can’t you just skype your bid????


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  1. How Much Will SEX.CO Sell For? http://t.co/fMd5KKRm

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