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Well the superbowl is over, and we all know who the godaddy co girl is – Joan Rivers – however has godaddy’s commercial impacted CO domains? It has for Godaddy – they recently announced that this year was the best year for new domain registrations, and registrations were up over 400% from last year. That’s good news for godaddy but what about the rest of us?

Paying $30 for a domain name is not something most of us want to do. So what did godaddy and many other registrars do? Whats the best way to get people to spend money? Discounts and coupons. Godaddy had an $11.99 CO Domainregistration coupon – and for those of us who know how to use this thing called “google” also found out that there was an ADDITIONAL coupon for CO domains – making the final cost right around $7.50.

That is an EXCELLENT price for a CO domain – however the downside is that there are over 600,000 registered domains already so the chances of snagging a good domain are slim to none. Most of the sought after keywords or single worded domains were already gobbled up right after the CO domain landrush period.

I managed to pick up about 10 or so one worded CO domains last year right around july/august and I know for a fact that these would definitely have been registered by someone else. I even got a Cease and Desist letter ONE day after registering my CO domain.

Anytime there is a coupon I somehow manage to buy domains that I would NOT pay $30 for – however $7.50 is a different story. I can get 3 domains for the price of one and who doesn’t like that?

I decided to register some new .co’s since I likely would have NOT paid $30 a pop for these. I plan on developing them and see how they do. Here are my precious…i mean cheap… $7.49 CO domains

  • No Gas – blog dedicted to hybrid & electric vehicles
  • Talk Cars – would love a car forum
  • Rare Toys – Im a collector – what do you expect? I want to create a buy/sell/trade forum – will have more details as I get into it
  • Free Debit Cards – I took a chance for $7.49

Now I can see why godaddy reported an increase in new domain registrations – new commercial + Marketing + Coupons = $$$$$$

What are some of your newest .CO domains? Feel free to share!

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  1. Hey, I read one of your articles on ezinearticles.com which led me to this article. I have bought a couple .CO domains that redirected to other websites .com’s, but now that I have acquired these .CO names it obviously does not redirect anymore. Is this something that would be of value to X company that it was originally redirecting too? Any input would be very appreciated. Thanks

    • Jon – You are in a bit of a sticky situation. Did you hand register the CO domains? Meaning, from godaddy, name, or any other registrar? If you did, then I do not know how the .CO would redirect you to the .COM since it would have never been registered, and should have taken you to a default page – NOT the .COM domain. It would only redirect you to the .COM IF the .CO domain was owned by someone.
      However on a side note, if you registered a trademark name then you could face a cease and desist situation, where the owner of the .COM might get lawyers to write you a letter demaning that you give up the domain. For example- lets use ebay as an example. Everyone knows that ebay is trademarked and owns ebay.com – lets say I went to godaddy and noticed that ebay.co was available so I registered it and sent ebay an email saying “hey I own ebay.co – Do you want to buy it from me?” This is known as cybersquatting. You register a domain with the intention of selling it back to the owner at a higher price. Most people don’t like it and big corporations will go after you. Now say you register a GENERIC domain, for example books.co, then you might be OK since this term is not trademarked. I own adblocker.co which is a generic highly searched term that is not trademarked. With this type of a domain you have an unlimited number of options. You can host it and create content, or try selling it to end users or even on forums.
      I also wrote a Cease and Desist article about what happened when I registered a CO domain that I did not know was trademarked.
      If you have any other questions, feel free to post here or even send me an email: contact@zoop.co or use the Contact ZOOP page

  2. Latest CO Domains In My Portfolio http://goo.gl/fb/duyXV

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