Mar 012011
LLL CO Domain for sale

Lately I have been on a buying spree with LLL co domains. I am not going crazy but I am picking up LLL domains that I feel have a great chance of being sold to an end user. Every single LLL.COM domain is registered and easily brings in a mid hundreds to a few thousand everytime one is offered for sale, which can be a plus for those of us who have LLL CO Domains. These domains are shorter than its COM counterpart and just about every single LLL.CO domain has already been hand registered.

The CO extension is still being heavily marketed and is trying to reach a “mainstream” status. Many people say CO will fail, and it will never become a .COM – which may or may not be true. It is way too early to tell. All that I know is that if you wait for it to become mainstream you will miss out on many opportunities. NamePros has a dedicated CO Domains section and there have been some posts with users stating that they have been selling LLL.CO domains in the mid hundreds already. I do not know if this is true, since most of these sales probably wont be reported if they are sold privately to an end user, however it does not seem far fetched.

There are thousands of domainers who ALWAYS want to see other peoples end user emails. I have decided to share one that I just recently wrote – I am not going to write the entire letter but will focus on certain key aspects that I feel should be included by anyone who is writing an end user letter. I have been getting replies back for some of the LLL.CO domains I am trying to sell.

As an example, I will use the CO Domain JCJ. Before sending out a letter, you need to know who to send it to. I use Domain Tools religiously – especially the Domain Name Search. This tool is by far the best one for finding EVERY registered domain.

If you are selling a LLLL, or LLLL domain then you want to target all the people who are using those letters + their field of work – For example – I am trying to sell JCJ.CO – using the domain search, I type


domain search1 LLL Co Domain Sample End User Letter

This will give you all the domains that are registered that begin with whatever you typed in. In my case, I get over 2,000 results – which I DONT plan on checking individually. The next step is to pick and choose domains that have a real website and are more than likely a company. Dont waste your time sending emails to people who have shitty developed sites – they wont be interested. My rule of thumb is = the better developed the site is, the better chance you have of getting an email back. Another option is to use google and find domains on the first few pages.

After finding domains, you will need to do 1 of 2 things. The first is to go to the website and find a Contact or Email address. If you cannot find a contact us then simply go to domain tools and search for the account info. If the registration is private, then the website will more than likely HAVE a contact section.

Now comes the fun part – writing the actual end user letter. Please note – I will share the majoirty of my end user email, but please dont be a dick and copy this word for word. Use the following as a template for things you should include, or if there are things I missed feel free to let me know. Here is my CO Domain Sample Letter:

    Hello there!

    My name is Chris (insert last name) and I want to start off by apologizing for sending this email out of the blue. I did a google search for JCJ and came across your email and website. I am sending this email to you with a business proposition. I am the owner of JCJ.CO and wanted to know if you would be interested in acquiring this domain name. I have noticed that your website has JCJ in it and feel that this shorter and easier to remember domain would suit you as well as your company extremely well. Imagine all the marketing potential and how many more people you would attract with this short and simple domain name.
    **Insert some statistics here, for example how many people search for the term, how many other websites have the letters in it, how this would help them drive traffic and increase rankings with the right optimization, etc etc***
    **in the next paragraph, I write about CO domains, and what they are** In case you do not know what a .CO is, it is the newest extension which is quickly gaining popularity. GoDaddy, Overstock, and Twitter are all using .CO domains. Godaddy even did a superbowl commercial, and all of overstocks commercials are now O.CO.
    **Finally, you should make it clear that you are not asking a ridiculous amount of money – most people will laugh if you add an insane dollar amount. DONT PUT A PRICE – interested people will get back to you and will talk business if they want it. Make sure to thank them and put your contact info in the letter – Name, phone number, Email

There you have it! That is the bulk of the end user letters I have been sending out. What are some items you would add or eliminate? Any input is appreciated!

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  1. LLL Co Domain Sample End User Letter

  2. i am trying to sell HBQ.CO, hows that? can you help me out?

    • Hey there

      The best way to sell your domain would be to find and end user and make them want your domain. Use my letter as a sample. I give you good tips and methods on finding end users.
      Good luck! thanks for the comment

  3. The CO extension will surely reach its “mainstream” status,thanks for the post

  4. Nice tips for owners, thans a lot to share it.

  5. Hey,

    There is no doubt .CO is going to be hot! The .COM will be surely affected by this interms of the traffic as typos (missing M) will not be redirect anymore! You know what that means? Less hits – less sales!!!

    In my opinion, if you’re start up online brand (i.e.,,…) and missing .CO – that’s a marketing alert! With the .COM boom in the 90s and financial bubble burst in 20xx, I’m sure we’ll see lots of company moving onto pastures new.

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