Jul 212011

Well the .CO registry has hit the one year mark and no one knows how many owners renewed their CO domains. I have not been posting on zoop as much as I’d like to, simply because I have been working on my other site – SDCC.CO which has been getting incredible traffic and is ranking #1 for many keywords, and in the top 5 for broader more general words.

While facing renewal fees, I decided to renew ALL my LLL.CO’s and picked up about 10-15 additional domains. 90% of the ones I picked up were triple premium and the others have repeating letters. Every LLL.CO that I picked up was a result of the owner simply not wanting to renew them (renewals ARE alot at over $20 a pop) or they were simply liquidating their domains.

Personally, I think this is a mistake…

I check Sedo and godaddy a few times a week for the latest CO domain sales. A few months ago, it was not common to see LLL.CO domains sell on godaddy. However, in the past few weeks I have been noticing more and more CO domains being sold on sedo AND godaddy.

Here’s an example. 3 months ago I never got any offers on my LLL.CO domains, but within the past 24 hours I have gotten 7.

The first initial offer is always low – from about $20 to $40, then I counter with a resonable selling price and I usually get a counter back – How is this different?
Well, in the past I got about 2-3 LOW offers, when I countered them I never got a reply back.

I am beginning to think that people are starting to realize the value in short CO domains. Personally, I feel that there will be many mid to high xxx lll.co domain sales by the end of 2011, and there could be 1 or 2 mid to high x,xxx.

I have seen LLL.CO domains sell for about $100 on average during this month, July. While in past months, I only found them being sold on forums. I seen many sales right BEFORE it was time to renew. People were buying lll.co’s and then paying $30 to renew them – Is this a smart idea? You bet it is! Most people do NOT want to spend an upfront additional cost, they rather sell the domain and make $50 or so instead of adding $30 to it and possibly selling it for 3-5x.

Will lll.co domains ever sell higher than lll.com? I dont know – but I do know that people love short domains. You cannot get a LLL.COM today for less than $X,XXX. If everyone likes short domains, why wouldn’t they like an EVEN SHORTER Domain? Everthing is speculation right now, but I personally feel that investing in some solid one worded or LLL.CO domains.

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