Nov 302011

Over the past few months, many of my LLL.CO domains had an increase in traffic. Most of these domains are parked in Sedo and went from about 1 or 2 views a month to right around xx. It seems that people are starting to recognize this extension. I know the traffic is not from ”typos” because if that were the case then traffic would be have been consistent from the beginning.

 I recently read an interesting article on Hybrid Domainer about LLL.CO godaddy sales. Domains that would not sell for much, were selling for low $xxx on Godaddy auctions. According to the post: sold for $355. There were 4 bidders who made 18 bids. sold for $499. There were 4 bidders who made 34 bids. sold for $449. There were 3 bidders who made 17 bids.

I would never spend anywhere near that amount for those domains – which is why I started looking into my own domains and also noticed an increase in traffic. Of all the domains I own, here are the ones that have been getting the most traffic:

  • <- many different acronyms for “afa”
  • <- is a news broadcasting company

Most of the above domains are triple premium letters but WJW is NOT yet it’s the 4th on my list.

I also read another article stating that companies might start using LLL.CO as URL shorteners for their existing sites, which would be pretty neat and lead to more end user sales! I personally love LLL.CO domains and wish I snagged up more last year.

Have any of you had any success with LLL.CO domains? or have seen an increase in traffic? I’d like to hear your responses


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  1. LLL.CO Domains Traffic Increase

  2. Wow, really nice results man. I’ve got some very good domains my self ( i.e.). Might going to sell it soon..

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