Feb 152011

Mike Berkens, Rick Schwartz, Elliot Silver – theses are 3 names that every single domainer knows. All three of these guys are kings in the domain industry and know what they are doing. Im sure that each of us would LOVE to know every single domain and investment strategy that these guys make – but we dont – and frankly no one should know that. That is what makes these guys elite. Everyone knows google is the best search engine but no one knows the algorithms that google uses.

One thing that these guys ALL have in common is that each of them have their respected .CO domain registered. While reading TheDomains, I came across a comment that stated each of these guys have the CO domains forwarded to their COM. I went to each and verified each CO domain.

CO Domain

Elliots Blog
Ricks Blog

What does this mean? Well it is more than likely related to the fact that each of these individuals DO NOT want some chump hand registering the CO version of the COM domain. Which makes sense, but then the next question I have is where do you stop? Do each of these guys also have the .net or .org domains registered? NO they dont. Thedomains.net takes you to an idex page, elliotsblog.net takes you to a google page, and RicksBlog.Org takes you to a personal blog of a wimpy looking kid. SO WHY register CO?

The only thing that comes to mind is potential. Each of these domain gurus MUST see some potential (aka $$) in CO domains otherwise they would not take the time or even give a crap about registering their CO domain. I would love to know what CO domain trends, or even domains that they have in their portfolio, but I doubt that will ever happen. I know that Elliot has been discussing CO domains and that Mike is very good with keeping up on the latest CO domain news. So if this is ever seen by any of these 3 imvestors or any other well known domaineer, i want to ask you – what’s your take on CO domains? What CO domains do you own? and WHY

  3 Responses to “Mike, Elliot & Rick All Have CO Domains – Do You?”

  1. Domain Kings Have Co Domains http://bit.ly/gEgFtj

  2. @domainking @elliotsblog @Berkens – I just got done writing post about you guys – check it out: http://goo.gl/fb/MZFPk

  3. All of us should follow the Kings to get our .co domains.

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