Mar 092011

Last year, when I first heard about the newest co domain extension, I instantly became hooked and imagined a handful of co domains that I wanted to register. Well it is now a year later, and I have about 40 CO Domains in my portolio – of which 95% have been hand registered last year.

I decided to take some of my better co domains and develop a few of them just to see how they would rank in google and if I would be able to attract traffic. My co domains are very new so there is nothing to brag about – but they are getting consistent traffic and with the right marketing I believe that they will be able to get much more exposure IF I do it right. I am going to share all the CO domains that I have developed, and am working on daily to improve. As mentioned each CO domain is using wordpress and a free premium theme , which is extremely easy to use and has a ton of options you can customize.


    SDCC.CO is a comic com related blog that I just created a few weeks ago. I love collecting (and make good money doing it) and also attending various conventions. SDCC is San Diego Comic Con and is the biggest comic/media convention there is. I got lucky and reg’d which is going to be strictly a comic con blog. My goal is to attend various conventions with flyers and even wear a SDCC.CO shirt to each. This will be a great way to attract traffic and get my name out there!

No Gas

    I purchased for $7 when godaddy had a coupon during the superbowl. This is a domain that I wanted to buy but not spend $30 on. NoGas is a blog that discusses hybrid vehicles, electric cars, alternative fuel and any other new car technology related issue.


    Neuralgia is a site that discusses different medical symptoms of the neuralgia disorder. This is a very specific word that gets searched thousands of times a month – and neuralgia has been getting decent traffic.

Debt Guide

    Debt guide is a debt related blog that you guessed it, talks about debt. This is one CO domain that I am looking to sell – interested?

Those are the CO domains that I am working on and developing – what are some co domains you are working on? My goals for the nezt few years are to develop the following domains: Adblocker, DailyBargain, SocialAds, Supply Center

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Similarly I was pleasantly surprised that quite a few .info domains I bought also ranked quite well in google, very well in some cases. This dispels my inbuilt belief that google ranks .coms higher than other tlds.

  2. My Developing CO Domains

  3. Congrats to you! I’m working on the finishing touches on my .co website. It is a forum for pet lovers but there is nuch more to it. Please please check it out at

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