Jun 222011

The one year mark is quickly approaching and everyone in the industry is waiting to see how many owners renew or drop their CO domains. Let’s face it, paying $30 to renew a domain is not something anyone wants to do.

This is a time when owners needs to evaluate and think if it is worth keeping their CO domain another year. Personally, I bought a few that I plan on not renewing however I am going to renew the vast majority of the domains I own.

There are always people who dont plan on renewing and want to sell their domains – and sell them cheap. Over the past few months, I have been buying CO domains from many end users. I started with posts on NamePros, then I started MyCheap-which is a CO domain newsletter that will have a buy/sell CO domain section (in the next few weeks).

All of the domains I bought have the potential of being sold – maybe not in the next few months, but definitely in the next year or two and I have no problems dishing out $xx or even $xxx for a domain that can potentially sell for more. All of the domains I bought are expiring in july – more $$ to dish out. However, if you wait until something becomes hot, then you are too late.

Here is a list of some of the CO domains I recently bought!

    Wolken.co – “clouds” in german
    Cancha.co – “court” in spanish

I am a big fan of single worded, highly searched CO domains. I bought these either on sedo, namepros, or directly through email via zoop or mycheap.

If you have 1 worded noun CO domains for sale, make sure to contact me! Also join my newsletter at MyCheap.CO where you can buy/sell your co domains.

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  1. nice to read this blog and iformation shared here is really amazing

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