Feb 102011
sedo premium CO domain auction

Co Domain

Sedo has just launched their Premium CO Domain Auction and a few domains already have bids. Auction ends in 7 days and I cannot wait to see what some of these domains will sell for. Currently, Money, Bank and Art .CO all lead with a current price of $5K – and the auction JUST went live. Pizza is over $4K, LasVegas is at $3K, movie & touchscreen are in last place at $100 each.

co domain3 1024x583 Premium CO Domain Sedo Auction NOW LIVE

Is there any CO domain you are interested in? What do you think will sell for the most?

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  1. None of those domains have had their reserves met, so you’ve got to wonder why people bid so low. They either can’t read that the reserve is posted right there, or it’s an attention-getting strategy. The only one that appears to have been met is Touchscreens at $500.

    I do think some of the better names will sell, but obviously only if someone steps up and bids the reserve.

    • Yeah – I was thinking the same thing. Why would someone place a bid of say $5,000 when there is a reserve of $20,000 or more. Does not make much sense to me – but then there are many things that people do that dont make much sense to me.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Premium CO Domain Sedo Auction NOW LIVE http://goo.gl/fb/6Uo3q

  3. RT @zoopdotco: Premium CO Domain Sedo Auction NOW LIVE http://goo.gl/fb/6Uo3q

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