May 192011

Lately there has been an increasing trend with booze related CO domains. Within the last few weeks we have witnessed the sales of tequila, whiskey, and vodka. It is apparent that the same owner picked up a few of these domains.

I just checked Sedo’s Latest sales and noticed MORE “spirit” type domains have sold.

Brandy, Gin, and Cognac have all sold to the SAME owner, yes the same guy took a chance with CO domains, invested at least $30K into CO domains, and now dominates the booze/spirit industry. €6,000 €5,000 €3,500

The same owner (from the Czech Republic, I believe) also purchased for €9,000. So based on what I have been seeing in the past few weeks, this guy owns: tequila, vodka, whiskey, brandy, gin, cognac, and holland. Kudos to you Marek and I would love to know what you plan on doing with these generic CO domains.

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  1. Same Owner Buys More Booze CO Domains

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