Oct 172011

Most CO domains are registered at Godaddy and when one place has a ton of registered domains, it will also have a ton of domains that are expiring.

Most of the great one worded CO domains were registered early on in July 2011, but there is always an exception and a few good highly searched words that slip past someone – that is the case with Saudi.co.

This domain was registered in September of 2011 – Almost a full 2 months after the CO domain launch. The owner (who also lives in Saudi) did not renew this domain and it went to auction.

Saudi.co sold for $838 on GoDaddy earlier today – It was at $600+ with a little over an left in the auction.

This just goes to show you that there is money to be made with a good .co domain. Most of the domains that were registered in July were crap and people dropped them. This domain was registered in September and still caught the attention of 7 bidders with a total 105 bids!

Congrats to the new buyer and I wonder if the original owner is going to renew it in the final stages of redemption. I am curious to see what the new owner is going to do with it.


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  1. Saudi.CO Sells for $800+ On Godaddy Auctions http://t.co/WWtUh7nm

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