May 262011

Well, the time is almost here – all the CO domain owners will need to start paying renewal fees.

I have 90% of my domains registered at godaddy simply because of all the coupons they offer. I have a few CO domains that are expiring soon, and I just got an email for 31% off all renewals, with NO Minimun! I used this to renew 3 of my CO domains, and my auctions marketplace was also about to expire so instead of paying $4.99 the code dropped it to $3.45.

Use Godaddy Code:


for 31% off your total renewal order. Each CO domain comes out to $20.69 instead of $29.99!

godaddy co domain coupon code 300x158 Save 31% On CO Domain Renewal

  5 Responses to “Save 31% On CO Domain Renewal”

  1. Save 31% on #godaddy #domain renewals! I renwed my #co domains : CODE: gdz534wg Till MONDAY

  2. Save 31% On CO Domain Renewal

  3. Just a friendly note to let you know I really do appreciate the coupon codes and help. You’re offering a great service – and aiding the community in a lot of ways.

  4. I tried this but it only works if they send you the email. They said they would do it as a “special favour” for me. I have 365 domains. Surely this is enough to qualify. How many do you have?

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