Feb 092011

Sedo is one of the best places to sell domains. It is used by millions of people worldwide and has sold millions of dollars in domains.

Every week, Sedo has a Marketplace Auction that features any offers made on domains that the owner decided to send to auction, instead of accepting an offer that was made.

I check out the marketplace often to see what CO domains have been added. Currently there are 5 CO domains on auction – each over $100. This is a pretty decent quick flip, since CO domain registration costs about $30. Name just announced a special $7.77 CO domain registration which has led me to register EVEN more CO domains! Now is a perfect time to buy 2 worded, or product specific domain. I would not have purchased these at $30 a pop, but at $7.77 I will definitely take a chance. My latest CO domain purchase is Tattoo Studios which is a domain I wanted to buy but never got around to it.

co domain2 Sedo CO Domain Auctions

I am curious to see what these 5 CO domains will sell for. ROLL.CO is leading the group at $500. MotherNature.CO is second at $250. Im almost certain that these were registered for $30 each so selling one for $500 is definitely a nice profit. Best of luck to these domains!

As you all know, Sedo is also hosting a CO Premium Generic Domain auction starting Feb 10. There are MANY great .CO domains and I am very anxious to see what these domains will sell for. There are currently 208 domains in this auction. I sent a few in but they did not make the cut. Sedo has announced that they will possibly run another CO domain auction based on how this one goes.

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