May 252011

Currently there are 71,065 CO domains for sale on Sedo. The current trend has seen at least 1 $10,000+ CO domain sale a week. A few weeks ago, there wer multiple CO domain sales, most of which were sold to one buyer and were booze co domains.

I am always interested in trends and finding out what domains have been sold. Another interest is seeing what people are selling and for how much. I have been sifting through many sedo domains and the results seem to be an uneven split between great domains and crap domains. I’d say that of the 71,065 CO domains for sale, only 10% can be considered great/dominating domains, and the rest, well lets just say that are not good. While searching for a few domains, I came across MANY 2, 3, even 4 worded domains for sale with askig prices in the thousands. This is ridiculous and I doubt any of these domans will ever sell. It always amazes me when I see people’s prices and try to figure out how they came up with that number. All of my domains on sedo are “make offer” which is what most sellers should do.

Remember, your domain is only worth what 2 people are willing to pay – not 1. If you only have 1 person making an offer, then you have no way of comparing your domain’s valu to another offer. However, what if you have multiple offers on a domain – 5, 10, 20 or more? Then how do you assess your domain’s value? Do you look at trends or see what a .com sold for? There is no easy answer.

The list below shows CO domains that have multiple offers on each domain, and still have not sold. I would love to contact each owner and ask them why they have not accepted any offers and what they think the domain is worth.

CO Domain List Sedo CO Domain Bids

As you can see from the list, leads with 33 offers which is an incredible amount considering most co domain owners will not ever get an offer – but why does have more offers than say which has 13?

According to google, shaving has over 45 million results and gold has 1.6 million, so does having more results in google guarantee a better chance of selling your domain? NO
Here is a perfect example, has 526 MILLION results but only has 13 offers – so simply using google searches is NOT valid.

From the above list, my favorite CO domains are:

There are also some domains that have offers but I am not too sure why – for example: has 8 bids has 7 has 5

So there is no easy answer for selling CO domains, but one thing is for sure, this extension IS here to stay.

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  2. Hi,
    I am the owner of the following domains and i would like to sell them using your news letter. Please let me know which domains satisfy your requirements and how much can you offer


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