May 122011

There are many sources that provide the latest domain sales such as Sedo, DNJournal, forums, etc – and tracking all of the sales becomes hard for 1 person to do – that is why I want to reach out and ask for your help.

ZOOP is the first do follow CO domain blog that went live lirally a few days after I acquired the domain. It has been a goal of mine to track and report any CO domain sale, however I know I missed a few but most can be found on my Latest CO Domain Sales page.

If you come across any sales that I missed, or sold some CO Domains that have not been reported, then PLEASE contact me! You can send an email to: or use my CONTACT form.

As another incentive, I will give credit to anyone who provides inputs that I missed. Let’s say you’re a broker and sold a co domain – I have no problem listing a link to your site as a token of appreciation, plus zoop is do follow so you will benefit in that sense as well.

So, help me so that everyone can have one centralized area that lists co domain sales!

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