Feb 152011

CO Domain

In addition to all the publicity that Godaddy and Sedo has already given to co domains, I am still trying to spread the world and educate people about this hot new domain extension. ZOOP has a Co Domain section, that gives CO domain owners the opportunity to showcase their developed domains. I am offering this as a way to promote CO domains. If you have any developed CO domains that you want featured, then please contact me or go to the CO Domains page!

I am also opening this post to ANYONE who has CO Domains! If you have a CO domain – for sale or not, developed or not – and want to list it, then GO AHEAD! I will approve any CO domains that are in your list. I ask you to please keep the domains to a maximum of 15. I dont want one person sending me hundreds of domains. Also – once you post your CO domains please do not post more.

  4 Responses to “Showcase Your CO Domains”

  1. Showcase Your CO Domains http://goo.gl/fb/Qzgbz

  2. If you have #co #domains and want them featured, Please check out http://bit.ly/esEQNN

  3. Up and coming site about Singapore … thanks for letting me showcase it here

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