Mar 172011

DN Journal recently published their weekly domain name sales and guess what? A CO Domain tied for the #4 spot! MUSIC.CO was sold on sedo for a whopping $30,000. Some people still have their doubts with CO Domains but if we keep seeing some domains sell for mid to upper tens of thousands, then I think the co industry will be in good shape. I still personally believe that there is great money to be made with co domains if you purchased them last year.

If you are new to CO domains, then it might be much harder to flip or make money with co domains. Just about every good single or keyworded CO domain has already been snagged and they are now starting to sell for a decent price.

Lately, I have been purchasing LLL.CO domains because I feel that they have some great potential. Based on the LLL.CO domains that I have been watching, most have ended in the mid to upper hundreds. On average, LLL.CO domains seem to be selling right around the $500 range on the second hand market. If you have some 3 letter CO domains, I would hold onto them. If you are looking to sell some, then feel free to contact me icon smile Still Hope For CO Domains Most people turn to forums when trying to sell domains – don’t think that you will get top dollar for your domains on a forum. Just about everyone on a forum is looking for deals from people who want to unload their domains.

Currently, SEDO has a 3 letter CO domain at auction for $500 USD – that domain is: LKR.CO. LUNY.CO is also on auction at $60. Best of luck to those 2 CO domains along with anyone else who is selling them. On a side note, I recently sold a 4 letter CO domain through godaddy auctions.

  9 Responses to “Still Hope For CO Domains”

  1. I have LLL.CO domain to sell, let me know if you are interested.
    domain is HBQ.CO – contact me at my email.

  2. I agree with you that LLL.CO have much potential…thanks for the post

  3. yes i agree with you completely, thanks for the post.

  4. I have about 20 names and am willing to sell some of them. Send me your email and I will send the list!

  5. Hello

    Are you interested in email me

  6. $500 dolars for one domain… no thanks! :)

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