May 192011

The CO domain is about to reach its one year anniversary and overall it has been a great starting year for CO Domains. This extension has done extremely well and better than many other ccTLD extensions. With close to 1 million registered CO Domains, it seems that CO domains are starting to become noticed, used, and marketed.

Every week there seems to be at least one CO domain that sells for a few thousand dollars. While CO domain sales prices are light years away from .com, one still has to appreciate the few good several thousand dollar sales.

As I mentioned, the one year anniversary is approaching and that means that it’s time for renewals! Since renewals cost about $30, some co domain owners will simply let their domains drop, other people like myself – will keep an eye out for some good dropping CO domains and pick them up.

As with every domain extension there are people who want to develop and those who want to flip. Currently there are more people selling co domains than buying – which is two-fold. 1 – there are tons of great co domains for sale now that can be purchased for low prices since an established co domain “marketplace” does not yet exist. 2 – If everyone tries selling co domains it can result in this extension becoming useless, unless there are big companies developing these domains and not simply forwarding to a .com.

With that being said, one can ask – Where can I buy and sell CO domains? There are many different places to buy/sell co domains – everyone knows about Sedo, Namepros, Godaddy, Afternic, etc – but what about smaller websites that actively use a CO domain to sell CO domains?

Since I started ZOOP, I have been getting many people trying to sell their CO domains to me. I have very specific domains that I purchase, but I wanted to list a few websites that sell co domains. I am currently working on my own site that only sells co domains. That site is: MyCheap. I am currently working on it which is why it’s a very simple and easy site.

Here is a list of CO websites that actively sell CO Domains:

If you sell CO Domains on a CO site – Then please contact me so I can include your site.

  4 Responses to “Where To Buy & Sell CO Domains”

  1. Hey man, thanks for all of the info on the whole CO domain thing going on.

    I’d be willing to bet that in time there will be less selling and more purchasing of .cos in the near future. After all, there’s only so many .coms that can still be left (decent ones, at least).


  2. Thanks for the info. When they initially got launched I bought about 500 of them, hanging on to them, really hoping that the value will increase. Thanks for your help.

  3. Look! Up in the sky, it’s a bird … it’s a plane. Nope, it’s Super Congress. Where caped, congressional crusaders will wage the battle between good and evil far above the heads of mere mortals and senior citizens living on Social Security.

    Email me if you want to make an offer on

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