Oct 202010

Landrush .CO auctions have now topped $1 million in sales. I don’t know if it is due to the fact that this 2 letter extension is the newest/hottest thing out there and people have the “gotta have it now” mentality or if this extension will actually become widely used and will continue to bring in high sales. Who knows? Not me, not you. Sure there are tons of people that believe they have the answer to what the future holds for the .co extension – but they are only opinoins and everyone knows that opinoins are like assholes – everyone has them.

What I can provide you with are facts – There are over 250 .co sales already and they have topped $1 million. That averages out to about $4,000 a pop. Note that most of these are highly sought after one worded domains, but imagine if someone got a .co domain for the $30 registration, and sold it for even half of the average, that still comes to a nice chunk of change. I’d love to buy something for $30 and sell it for $2,000 – who wouldn’t? I still strongly feel that people should at least a few .co domains in their portfolio. Why not? $30 spread out over 1 year comes out to .08 a day! Why not take a $30 chance on something that could potentially provide you with a 20,30, or even 50X return on the initial investment.

I looked at some of the sold .co domains and there was one that immediately grabbed my attention: ZOOM.CO sold for $10,000. Shit – that’s pretty close to zoop which I thought is pretty neat. I know that zoom is much more marketable and sounds better but there is something about the word zoop that sticks to my head which is why i immediately snagged it. So, there are over 500,000 .co domains already registered – why not give it a shot and try to come up with an attention grabbing .co. You will have a much better chance of getting something unique than trying to get the same .com which will more than likely already be registered. Now is the time to find the gold domain, and develop it! I just wish I had kept my damn 3 letter .co – o well..

Here is a list of some .co landrush sales taken from domain incite for your viewing pleasure. Who knows, maybe yours will make the list one day


aspen.co – $22,500
myhealth.co – $18,500
allergy.co – $16,286
jackpot.co – $12,500
locksmith.co – $10,000
zoom.co – $10,000
breckenridge.co – $8,499
mall.co – $8,350
see.co – $8,300
pens.co – $8,200
fairfield.co – $7,210
groceries.co – $6,600
assessment.co – $6,437
backup.co – $6,310
llc.co – $5,200
mylawyer.co – $5,100
apparel.co – $4,782
america.co – $4,050
continental.co – $3,972
mark.co – $3,900
cheapinsurance.co – $3,600
steamboat.co – $3,600
motivate.co – $3,500
rooms.co – $3,175
jewellery.co – $3,162
honey.co – $3,150
handbag.co – $3,100
cooks.co – $3,090
cola.co – $2,900
travels.co – $2,830
neem.co – $2,800
rafting.co – $2,600

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