Sep 172010

As of right now, there are currently 504,255 .CO domains registered. Don’t know what .co is? never heard of it? Head on over here! This newest domain extension has gained an incredible amount of interest will only continue to grow.

.CO is a brand new domain extension that offers people and companies more options in becoming known on the web. Since there are over 90 million registered .COM domain extensions, it is hard to register a good or easy to remember domain (if you dont have 6 figures readily available to spend – like me).  The .CO domain can be registered by anyone and was made available to the public on July 20. In less than 2 months – there are over half a million registered .co domains. Each domain is $30 – which is over $15 million! It’s going to be big! Many people are snagging up domains for investment purposes – nearly all 3 letter domains are taken!

I decided to join the crowd – but not to invest in the domain name only – I wanted to grab a small, easy to remember .co domain – Guess what – I did and ZOOP.CO is here to stay. As I check registrars I am noticing that most of the domains that were available ONE day ago – is now GONE! I can only imagine how many .co domains will be registered before the year ends. All I know is that if you are reading this and want to start your own blog, website, etc – I suggest finding yourself a short .co – before its gone and your stuck with something that makes you want to zoop yourself…

What do you think of the .co extension? Like it? hate it? Do you have any .co domains registered? what do you want to do with them?

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