Nov 152010

There are now more than 600,000 registered .CO domains since the initial release back in July and many .CO domains have already sold for thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. What does the future hold for .CO domains? NO one knows for sure yet – but I have a great feeling that the .co extension will gain popularity and become valuable.

Nearly every single 3 letter .CO combination has already been gobbled up and it is only a matter of time before 4 letter .CO domains are gone. Most people are registering .CO domains names because just about every single .COM domain is already taken and this provides an opportunity for many people to get a great domain name that is treated (according to google) like every other TLD. 2 and 1 letter .CO domains are not made available for the public to register – until today. I.CO will be auctioned off by through its Mokiker/Snapnames division. If you have deep pockets and want to have an incredible amount of publicity and 15 minutes of fame – then by all means register and give it a try! The last day for bidders to register is Jan 21,2011.

Official details are posted on I.CO – but this is already being heavily marketed. According to the site they say:
“One letter. One brand. Only one chance. With an ever-changing and even faster-paced society, less never meant more. Imagine the possibilities in owning a single-letter domain. In the era of opportunity, .CO is making that notion a reality. With all the promise of the social web before you, i.CO could just be the ultimate “point of control” to engage the entire world of mobile and socially connected consumers. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity!”

I.CO is the offical start of 1 letter .CO domains available to purchase. There are some well known companies already using the .CO extension. T.CO (twitter) O.CO (overstock) and even GoDaddy has jumped on the wagon with X.CO.

Personally, I am anxious to see the results of this auction and people are speculating that this single letter domain could potentially reach $1 million – thats ALOT of change to spend on 1 letter – don’t you think? Regardless, I highly feel that this auction will create much more exposure to the .CO industry and might spark other sales. I only have a handful of .CO domains registered but have a good feeling that in time they will become wanted and could be easily sold.

If you are intersted in reading more about I.CO please read these articles: Start the Bidding, I.CO Hits Auction Block

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