Jan 172011

Learning about domains is not easy. It takes a lot of time and patience and there are many variables that come into play when dealing with domains. One letter can be the deciding factor from having a $10 domain verse a $10,000 domain. So if you have no experience with domains and want to start somwhere, I suggest starting with the basics.

There are hundreds of blogs, forums, and other places to learn about domains – however if you need a starting point, I suggest checking out DNKB – better known as Domain Name Knowledge Base. Their slogan is “Everything you wanted to learn about domain names” which is very true. Overall the site has a very clean and is easy to browse. Not to mention that it has a TON of useful information that can help just about anyone who has domain questions.

I particularly like the Scams & Spam section. I feel that this section should list ANY and ALL domain scam emails that webmasters get. This would be a great way to blacklist any emails shown on here and can help educate anyone who starts jumping for joy when they get offered $700 for a domain that they registered 2 days ago. I frequently get these scam emails and simply laugh and reply by saying, OK send me a money order or a paypal payment marked at a gift – of course I never get a reply. IF you are interested in reading a scam email I got please check it out: Partner With Paul Scam

You can spend most of your time searching forums for domain answers on forums, but I strongly suggest checking out DNKB as well as reading blogs from well known domainers.

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