Jan 192011
free backlink contest zoop

Well, this came A LOT faster than expected! I have reached 100 posts! This is not that big of an achievement but it is something to celebrate and what better way to celebrate than with a free giveaway!

FREE 125×125 ADS

Everyone likes free right? So I am giving away FREE 125×125 ads which are shown on the right. In order to get a free ad I ask that you simply complete 2 of the following tasks:

  • Subscribe to my email list (on right)
  • Join my RSS FEED
  • FOLLOW ME on twitter
  • Create an article on your own blog with a link to this post
  • Add a link to ZOOP on your site

Free Blogroll Link

I am also giving away a couple free blogroll links – simply complete 1 of the above tasks and I can give you a blogroll link

Terms & Conditions

Each item accepted, blogroll or 125×125 ad, will be displayed for free for 1 week. Contest will run for the entire month – when your 1 week slot time is over you will have the option to renew your ad, or I will just remove it and give the next person will take over.

If you want to join, then please leave all links and comments here – state which items you completed, with proof, and then CONTACT me. I wil then add your ads or blogroll.


If you have a developed .CO domain then PLEASE check out my .CO DOMINATION page. I am trying to promote .co domains! This is independant of the free ad offer I am running.

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  10 Responses to “FREE 125×125 Ads & Backlinks At Zoop 100th Post”

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  2. Done:

    Subscribed to your email list – Done!

    Joint to your RSS FEED -Done!

    Follow on twitter – Done!

    Article with link to this post – Done!


    A link to Zoop.co in my recommended sites – Done!


  3. hello,
    I am qualifying for free blogroll link..
    I followed you.. my twitter, @sourmobile
    please let me know what else?

  4. Follow you on twitter @mysweepslink

  5. I receive an error when trying to signup via email
    ‘The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled’
    My second entry, I subscribed to the RSS feed.

  6. Very cool. Just followed you, so I definitely wouldn’t mind that blogroll link :) Thanks buddy!

    • Tristan — I just added your link!

      I am offering this free for a week – but I’m sure we can work something out

      thanks again!


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