Dec 022010

dashworlds FREE DASHCOM Domains At DashWorlds

Forget about registering .com, .net, .org – That’s all in the past. DASH-COM Domain Names provide unlimited possibilities for those who want personalised and easy-to-remember domains. This is by far the coolest way to register domains and WILL become extremely popular in the next few months… If you have not heard about DashCom then I suggest you continue reading…

Lets get to the point – you can register anything as long as it has a DASH (-)! Thats it! There is NO DOT domain extension. For example, you can register HAPPY-BIRTHDAY and your new URL will be: http://happy-birthday. The options are ENDLESS! Not to mention EVERYTHING IS FREE for one year!

Here is more info taken straight from the DASHWORLDS site:

    Register Previously Unheard of Addresses (eg: movies-com or football-net or hello-you)

    They’re FREE!

    DASHWORLDS is a new concept technology company that provides a more relevant service for Internet users worldwide. For a more memorable domain name than ever before or an unbelievable e-mail address (email coming soon), DASHWORLDS is the place to be.

    DASHWORLDS has developed a revolutionary and distinct sector on the Internet, opening up its Private Network to the general public. This network is available for use by companies and individuals alike. Use it for global promotion and marketing or just for fun. Now you really can have memorable, discernible and previously unavailable domain names and e-mail addresses (email coming soon).

Not only is this free, but you will also have an option to have your own EMAIL and you can also FORWARD your dashcom domain to another URL, IP Address, or even set your own personal nameservers! Also, if you get a great name and sell it, you can transfer the domain right through the control panel. In order to actually access the dashcom domains you will need to install a free software plug-in which automatically configures your browser to view the entire Internet, including DASHWORLDS domains.

Jump on this before the public gets too crazy and registers everything! I personally have registered quite a few and here are some of my great dashcoms!

  • hd-com
  • hybrid-com
  • wireless-com
  • cars-org
  • you-suck
  • free-gas

What DASHCOM’s have you registered?

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  1. Talks Futuristic Domain Names #cool #new #news #icann #internet #dnr #investing #investor #business #newtlds

  2. Talks Futuristic Domain Names #cool #new #news #icann #internet #dnr #investing #investor #business #newtlds

  3. what is the url of dashcom ?

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