Oct 152010

It’s that time again! FREEBIE FRIDAY! Every friday I am going to provide anyone a customized downloadable excel file that contains all the deleted domain names. This list contains over 65,000 domains that are expiring today, Friday October 15.

Please check out MY TUTORIAL on what do to with these domains, and the proper way to evaluate your potential domain. I have been buying deleted domains for a while now and easily flip $7 domain I buy for a few hundred (if not more) with this method.

You can download the file right below.


Click here for the: Deleted Domain List 10-15

As always, if you found this useful or found some good domains, feel free to comment!

  6 Responses to “FREE 65,000 DELETED DOMAIN LIST 10/15”

  1. Thank you, its huge list!!!

  2. Thanks for the list!!! I’m going to buy few…

  3. thanks bro!
    i have already boutght a few ones, and will buy some more

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