Jan 312011

godaddy girl FREE Superbowl Domain Advertising

Millions of people watch the superbowl every year. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising during each and every commercial. Godaddy always advertises during the superbowl and attracts millions of people to their site godaddy.com. Years ago I did not even know what godaddy was – I seen a commercial during the superbowl and thought it was a porn site. Don’t believe me? Watch some of the commercials – sure they talk about domains – but who really listens to the commercials? Doesnt everyone watch the jiggling?Each year godaddy features a TV rated commercial and then tells everyone to go to their site to see the uncensored video.

This is going to be a HUGE year for .CO domains and godaddy. As everyone already knows, godaddy is feauturing a .CO commercial .

Both of these reasons, well probaly just the uncensored girl video, will cause a surge in traffic to the godaddy site. This is a perfect time for ANY .CO domain owner to list their domains as a Premium Listing
It is a FREE service that godaddy offers and might even help you sell your domain – if someone types it in.

Premium GoDaddy Listing

  • LOG into your godaddy account
  • SELECT the domain you want tolist

  • Click on CASH IN

godaddy2 300x154 FREE Superbowl Domain Advertising

  • Set your price, Accept terms and conditions and BAM! you are done!

After you have done this, this is what your domain will look like for sale:

broil1 FREE Superbowl Domain Advertising

So make the most out of this years superbowl and try to sell some domains! GOOD LUCK!

  4 Responses to “FREE Superbowl Domain Advertising”

  1. good luck! I wonder if you will get some hungry corporate guys after your .co domains? that’d be sweet!

  2. The .co will be huge after the superbowl

  3. Now I see why I’ve been with the GoDaddy all these years. Great image!!

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