Dec 042010

In this day and age it seems that many gifts are digital – If you don’t know what to give someone for the holidays, an iTunes gift card works wonders. If the person is a gamer, then get him Wii, Xbox or PS3 points. If the person likes domains and websites, well, you are now in luck!

The CoInternet has recently teamed up with and is now allowing people to give .CO domains as gifts! This is a perfect opportunity – and extremely unique – to present a truly one of a kind gift. Forget the iTunes gift card – this blows that out of the water. For only $30, you will give someone a gift they truly remember. Also, there are already over 600,000 registered domains – and many have sold for well over $10,000. Who knows you might be gifting a winning ticket this holiday!

If you are interested in this gift giving concept head on over to: GiveA.Co!

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