Dec 072010
godaddy .co domains

Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy recently announced that GoDaddy is going to feature .CO domains during the SUPERBOWL

Yes that’s right – the biggest day for commercials and GoDaddy is no stranger to superbowl commercials. What does this mean? Just as I have said before – .CO is being heavily marketed, and will raise public awareness, making this a sought after domain extension.

There are already 610,000 registered .CO domains and with the help of the superbowl, people are estimating this will skyrocket into the 7 figures!

So, I ask you again – Do you have your .CO domains yet?

Please check out The Domains for more info!

  3 Responses to “GoDaddy SuperBowl Commercial Will Feature .CO”

  1. Does anyone know the SEO value of these domain extensions?

    • Google is treating these domains like any other TLD. As far as seo, I have already been showing up on google’s first results page with certain keywords. It all depends on content and traffic.

  2. I think this was first announced on

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