Mar 042011

Godaddy WHOIS Domain Search

Have you ever wondered if anyone is interested in your domain? Or if anyone did a whois search for the domains you own? Well if you use godaddy, there is a very nice feature that lets you check how many people did a whois search for your domain.

I recently read a post on ACRO and wanted to share this simply way to do a whois domain search using godaddy. It is extremely important for everyone to know how many whois queries were done on their domains.

    1. Log into your Domain Manager
    3. Click ADD NEW REPORT on top right side of the screen
    4. Select all your domains, click next.
    5. Check any box you wish to display, INCLUDING BOTH WHOIS Searches.
    6. Name your file and export it as a CSV file.

godaddy3 GoDaddy WHOIS Domain Search Tutorial

Godaddy will then send you an email once your list is ready to be exported in Microsoft excel. This will give you a good idea if people are searching your domain – most of the time they want your information, or domain expiration date!

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  1. GoDaddy WHOIS Domain Search Tutorial

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